Chapter 2821

After everything, all of it, was handled, Marcus suddenly burst out in tears.

"What's the matter, my son?" Missus Shaw has lost three sons and he was the only son left by her side. When she saw her son crying like that, it was only natural that she felt very saddened.

"Mom…I just feel that karma really is a funny thing. It's really making a fool of all of us! It turned out that everything was already destined. Everything was destined!" Marcus was covered in tears.

Missus Shaw was confused. "What's the matter, my child?"

Marcus cried and then he smiled. "Mom, I've finally understood why God let Yvonne go through this disaster that lasted for five years. It turned out that God had given her the biggest hardship which seemed so inhumane, but God had given her the best reward. Otherwise, the person who truly died would've been my Yvonne, wouldn't it? I would've been my Yvonne."

Hearing him saying that, Missus Shaw said extremely emotionally as well, "That's right. At the end of it all
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