Chapter 2823

In a blink of an eye, Aino was already 18.

She was already going to college.

Her husband, Mister Ford, already had gray hairs on his sideburns and was already a man who was pushing 50.

Both Sebastian and her had gone through thick and thin together for almost twenty years.

That was so fast.

"Old man," Sabrina called out.

Sebastian turned her head to the side and looked at Sabrina. "What did you just call me?"

Sabrina smiled. "Isn't that right? You're going to be fifty next year, and I'm only in my early forties. I'm not an old lady, but you are a proper old man! Let me ask you something. Your sideburns have turned gray, are you going to dye your hair on our wedding day?"

"I'm not going to! I simply want others to say that an old man like me is marrying a young wife! Listen to me. You'd better stop dressing up and putting on makeup in the future!" Sebastian said to his wife, who looked ten years younger than him.

How unreasonable!

This old lady simply has not aged a day since
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Warni Suwanto
beautiful it..thank you author
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Jesikka High
I wish Gloria had found love as well. She deserved it like her daughter with how much sorrow she has had to live with most of her life.
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Jesikka High
Loved it, beautiful ending!
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