Chapter 21

Sabrina plainly sneered and rolled her eyes at Selene.

What if she knew?

What if she did not know?

Sabrina always knew that the Lynn family must have known who that man was. He must have been a rival that the Lynn family wanted to get rid of, but they could not kill that man openly, so they let her accompany him before he was laid in the grave.

The man had died because of excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure.

"I don't want to," Sabrina said.

"You…" Selene raised her hand and slapped Sabrina across the face. "Even if you don't want to know, you still have to know. I am going to tell you the truth today. I have to let you be enlightened before you die. Did you know why you boarded in our Lynn family for eight years? Did you know why my mother and I hate you? Did you think it's because you live in our house, and we fed and clothed you? Sabrina, haven't you thought of any other reasons?"

Sabrina raised her gaze to look at Selene.

She had indeed always wanted to know why her mot
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Shanna Stingu
Way too many chapters. Would love to finish the book but not worth the cost
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Please unlock and let me enjoy the story, need distraction to carry on with life. Thank you.
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Tintswalo isaivan
it an amazing story, I wish you'll have advert to open more chapters

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