Chapter 23

“Mom, I’m sorry.” Sabrina’s tears fell on the corner of Grace’s blanket. Her voice was a little hoarse from crying. "I just joined the company, so I had to obey the arrangements of my boss. My boss made a last-minute decision to send me on a business trip for a few days, so I couldn't come to see you on time."

"It's my bad. My health is getting increasingly worse.”

The tubes on Grace’s body had not yet been removed. Grace looked at her body, then said with a bitter smile, "I do not know if I could still open my eyes again after closing them...”

"Mom, don’t say that. I do not want you to leave me. If you have left me, then I would be very lonely. I do not have much family in this world." Sabrina laid under Grace’s nose and cried her heart out.

Sabrina was just rescued, but she did not return to Sebastian’s place. She spent the whole day at the hospital taking care of Grace instead. Sabrina helped Grace clean her body, washed her hair, and clipped her nails. Grace was initially at t
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nice storyline, author should keep it up
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Alisen Garreck-Rogerson
I’m hooked into finding out how it gets cleared up however it’s interesting that as the story goes on chapters have less pages & become costly it’s false advertising to say it’s free can be suable in court even in CANADA sadly you can’t earn enough coins to get far enough to read
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Paira Bush
Why is it fake mother in law and daughter in law??...

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