Chapter 24

"It's raining?" Sebastian came to the balcony and looked out. It really was raining. He then looked further down and saw a woman kneeling in the rain while looking up at his floor.

Sebastian took an umbrella and went down.

"Master Sebastian, Master Sebastian…You were willing to come down to see me." Selene’s lips are frozen purple. She crawled on her knees to the front of Sebastian and hugged his legs."Master Sebastian, listen to me. If you let me finish then I wouldn’t mind if you beat me to death. Please give me a chance to defend myself.”

As he looked at this woman who groveled and behaved so lowly, Sebastian felt extremely disgusted in his heart. He was so close to kicking her to death yesterday.

However, it was because she had used her body to save his life that allowed him to take control of the Ford Group successfully.

His foot stopped right at the moment he was about to kick her.

The disgust he had in his heart for this woman, however, was increasing by the day.

This wom
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Why does the main female character have to be so weak?
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Laine Abs
Why No Free Reading ,,Please Unlock
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Choning Wangmo
how I can earn coins to unlock another chapter

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