Chapter 25

The call was from Henry.

The old man's tone was both commanding and consultative, "Sebastian, since you said that woman was there to console your mother, your grandma and I decided to arrange a casual family banquet this weekend. The girls of age from the noble and distinguished families of both South City and Kidon City would also come to the banquet…”

“I'm not going!" Sebastian mercilessly refused before the old man could finish his words.

The old man on the other end had no choice but to soften his tone even more. "Sebastian, don’t hang up the phone so quickly. Could you let grandpa finish words?"

Sebastian did not respond.


"I'm listening!"

"When it comes to the Ford family business matters, I would not intervene. However, I am already 96 years old this year, you couldn’t let me die before seeing you married and have children before that, right? If you take a fancy to one of the girls who would be coming to the banquet, then that would definitely be the best, but
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Jacqueline Uiras
I'm stopping right here, I'm tired of Sebastian's stupidness and this Selene woman. So, good luck with the others readers, I'm done, there's no way I'm going to finish this book, because the characters are stupid ......
goodnovel comment avatar
شاكر أم ازين
they like making the heroine suffer greatly
goodnovel comment avatar
Princess Alma
Sebastian is really stupid but he is not heartless

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