Chapter 26

Sabrina called out again, “Master Sebastian…”

Sebastian picked up his phone and dialed a set of numbers. "Kingston, come over and send Miss Lynn home right away."

Selene was speechless.

After he hung up, Sebastian said coldly and mercilessly, "Wait here, Kingston would be here in three minutes and he would send you home."

He went into the elevator himself, pressed the [Up] button, and the elevator closed.

Selene was left stunned and alone in the rain.

Three minutes later, Kingston came. He backed up the car to the front of Selene, wound the window down and shouted, "Miss Lynn, get in quickly, don't get wet."

"Are you a dead man?" Selene’s expression immediately changed.

Kingston looked puzzled.

"I am the fiancé of Master Sebastian. As his driver, shouldn't you come down, open the door for me, and then bend your legs for me as a carriage step?"

Kingston was speechless.

After a few seconds, Kingston got out of the car without saying a word. He opened the door, then bent one
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You must be outa your mind to think I’ll pay this much for chapters that take half a minute to read…..
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Anzeena Natasha
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Great work thanks

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