Chapter 27

Sebastian did not withdraw his cold gaze because of Sabrina's scream. He surveyed Sabrina with a serious gaze. Sabrina fiercely pushed Sebastian away, picked up the bathrobe, and wrapped herself. She quickly rushed into the small guest bedroom.

Her tears streamed down her eyes the moment she closed the door.

The sense of shame, only she knew how stifling it was.

She wiped off the tears that she could not control with her wrist, and when she was about to get her clothes, the door behind her was suddenly pushed open. She shivered in shock.

She looked up and saw that Sebastian had a first aid kit in his hand.

Sabrina used a bath towel to cover her front. "You… What are you doing?"

The man did not say anything but raised his hand to grab her by the arm. He made her lie on the bed with a flipping motion. She felt some kind of cool ointment was applied to her back before she could react.

Sabrina’s back had several ligature marks that even she could not see by herself. She only knew sh
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Ajmal Khan
it says Suzie, but another author uses the name Jane Doe
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Kien Mesmine
lovely storyline.
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Horlah Daggs
The author of this novel did a great job. Kudos But it's too expensive to read. Can't even coin easily. I think the app should put up ads for readers to view and use it to earn coins. I really love this piece of work. Thanks

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