Chapter 28

Sabrina jerked up her curly eyelashes and fluttered a few times. She did not remember who the man was at first glance. After a few seconds, she pursed her lips and said, "Master Nigel."

The design director reacted immediately as if the crown prince had arrived. The design director got up from the seat, came to the front of Nigel, and said after courteously bowing and nodding, “Master Nigel, what wind blew you here? Were you…here to inspect the work?”

"What's wrong with this staff?" Nigel asked carelessly.

"Well, a new recruit, no education, and no experience, but absent from work for several days. For such a person, the company could no longer retain her," the design director said.

"I… I would never miss work again. I would work hard to move bricks at the construction site…" Sabrina was determined to fight for one last chance.

“It’s just an architectural assistant, right? Our company is enormous, so we must have compassion. We should give chances to any new recruits. Everybody ma
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