Chapter 67

“What’s there to explain about? We heard about your plan with her loud and clear! You are so selfish, mom! I hate you!” Amelia shouted then she went out of my office.

I glared at Hadley.

She covers her mouth. “Oppps, I’m sorry! But don't worry everything will be alright after I execute my plan. Bye!” Then she went out of my office as if she won a lottery.

I felt so weak. My daughter hates me more now. But what is she doing here?

I was about to go to Luna and ask her why Amelia was in my office when I saw Alistair looking at me.

I went to him and hold his hand. “Alistair I will expl

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Karen Berry
This is getting kinda stupid he didn’t do it on purpose she is being unreasonable

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