I thought that life is so unfair. I even hated God for letting all of this happened.

I only loved one woman in my life, but why did God allow me to be the reason for her sufferings?

I hated God so much that I tried to kill myself. I feel like, my mere existence is the cause of the suffering of many people. The suffering of the people I love.

They said when you don’t understand, you just need to trust God.

I failed to do this. I failed to trust Him. One thing God has proved to me was, he is still in control.

He did not let me die, instead, He gave me what I longed desire, and that is Ellie. I can’t believe that s


This is the last chapter of Planned baby. Thank you again for supporting my story. I hope you like my story. Please rate my story thank you!

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cherrylyn apolona
thank you for the beautiful story
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Eden Jane Intencion
The best novel I ever read on line. Light, heart warming love story. congrats...️...️
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Carol Perry
Love the story very much ...
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