Chapter 1

Two lines.

I gently touched my belly. Finally!

"Hi, baby! Thank you for coming into my life. I'm your mommy Ellie." I whispered.

I didn't expect that I will be this emotional. Maybe because of the hormones. I can’t help myself to cry because of too much happiness.

Finally, I will have someone to be with me.

Finally, I will have someone I can share all my achievements with.

It was almost two months after I went to that bar after meeting that guy who helped me fulfill my plan.

I can't deny how gorgeous and hot that guy is. I did not regret that I have given him my virginity.

I can still remember what happened that night.

I remember the first time he entered me. I felt like he considered the fact that I'm a virgin. He was so gentle but full of passion.

But that guy is insatiable and big. I didn’t know how did I survive after doing that with him. I can’t even count how many rounds did we made.

I was so thankful when finally he already felt exhausted, and he finally let me go. It’s not that I did not enjoy it, because I do.

And because we were too tired, we both fell asleep. The good thing is that I was the one who woke up first. I'm not too fond of the fact that he will see me once he woke up. I knew the rule of a one-night stand. That is why when I woke up, I immediately fixed myself and went out of the hotel.

The first time that I made a move, I felt sore down there. And I am not surprised at all because he was too big. I think I will have a fever after this.

After I fixed myself, I look at him one last time.

I don’t mind if my child will inherit his looks. I said to myself.

He's handsome in every angle. I hope that my child will be a boy and he will look like him.

I went to the door and left the gorgeous guy in our hotel room.

I didn’t leave anything. I don’t want us to meet again. One night is enough for both of us.

I hope he forgets my face. Well, I think he is used to this kind of setup. I am sure that he has many experiences and it will be impossible for him to remember all of them.

And true enough, I had a fever after I went home. The good thing was, I don’t have any work that day, so I won’t need to file for a leave.

After I saw the result in the pregnancy test that I bought, I immediately set an appointment with the OB where I had my last checkup.

When I met the OB, I handed her the pregnancy kit that I used.


"That's mine. The reason why I'm here is that I want you to check the condition of my baby." I cut her off.

“The reason why you went here before and asked when is your high chance to get pregnant is that you plan to get pregnant? Who is the lucky guy? I didn’t know that you have a boyfriend.” She asked.

"Yes, I planned this baby. And you don't need to know who's the father of my child. Just check my baby's condition." I said in a formal tone.

I saw in her expression that she felt embarrassed by my response. I just shrugged while she did what I asked her to do.

"Congratulations, Ms. Cabello, you're six weeks pregnant!" The doctor said.

"Thanks, Doc. Allejo. How's my baby?" I asked excitedly.

"The baby is fine. Do you hear that? That is your baby's heartbeat. And this thing here that looks like a pea is your baby.” She answered.

I look at the pea that the doctor is referring to in the ultrasound monitor.

I furrowed. “Doc, why there are two peas that I am seeing. Are you sure that my baby is fine?”

I suddenly felt nervous.

The doctor smiled at me.

"Ms. Cabello, nothing is wrong. Your babies are fine."

My eyes widen. "B-babies?"

She nodded at me. "Yes, Ms. Cabello, you have a twin. The two small peas are your twins.”

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