Chapter 2

I can't contain the happiness that I am feeling right now. I have two children in my womb.

Thank you, Lord!

After my check-up, I first went to a drug store to buy my doctor-prescribed vitamins and milk.

I also called my secretary to put my check-ups on my schedule.

"Wait! What do you mean by schedule on your OB? Who is pregnant?" My secretary Luna asked, a bit confused.

Luna is not only my trusted secretary but also my best friend. I never had a close friend when I was in school. I was so focused on my studies and family that I had no time to make friends.

And I am not regretting anything because I know that in the short time that I had spent my time with them, I knew that I was able to make the most of it.

I first met Luna a year after I took over the company. I was so serious with my work. I never had time for myself.

I'm also very strict when it comes to my employee. The reason why most of my employees are scared of me, but Luna is different.

Even if I keep on shouting at her, it seems like it does not affect her. She is the only secretary that stays with me. She eventually became my most trusted person, and we became friends.

She often invited me to go out, and she also taught me how to have fun. However, I'm not really into parties, unlike her.

"I'm pregnant," I answered her.

"What?! How did that happen, Ellie?!" She asked curiously.

I never told her about my plan because I'm sure that she will not agree to it.

"I'll explain it to you in the office. Bye." I said, then I ended the call.

I looked at my watch.

It's almost dinner time already. I don't want to cook now. I have maids, but they all stay out. I prefer to live alone. I'm sure that this time, my maids were already done with their work.

I often eat outside, that is why they don't bother to cook my meal. They are already done with their work at two in the afternoon.

I park my car in a mall near my condo.

I was walking to a restaurant when I passed a boutique for babies.

I smiled and held my belly.

My babies. If I were to choose, I would like my twins to be a boy and a girl. My son will protect our princess. I never had a sibling, and I always wish to have an older brother.

"You want to go shopping, babies?" I whispered to them.

I was very excited as I went inside the boutique. I was fascinated by the place. I wanted to buy all the things that they have in this store.

I like the dress and other pink stuff for babies. I also like outfits for male babies.

It made me more hopeful about the gender of my twins.

"How many months is the baby?" A sales lady asked me.

"It's still in my womb," I told her.

"Do you already know the gender, Ma'am?" She asked me again.

I shook my head. "I'm only six weeks pregnant."

She smiled at me and nodded. "It will be better to buy plain white clothes for your baby for now. You can use it regardless of the gender."

I nodded in agreement. "You have a point. I will do that, but I'll roam around you don't need to follow me. I'll call you if I need you."

She smiled and went to the counter. She took a paper and went back to me to give me the paper that she took.

"Here, ma'am. This list will guide you in the things that you should buy for your baby." She said in a respectful tone.

I smiled at her and nodded. I look at the paper she gave me; it's a checklist for pregnant parents.

Newborn basics, nursery linen, bathing and grooming accessories, feeding and nursing essentials, nursery furnishings, and travel. The checklist is very detailed. It will surely help me as a new parent.

I put the checklist on my bag and started to look at the items in the store.

I chose some sleeveless shirts and short sleeve shirts, and it was based on the things I remember from the list. I took six pairs; for now, I am planning to repurchase them when I already know the gender of my twins.

I was engrossed in choosing clothes for my babies when I heard someone talked behind me.

"I didn't expect that I will see you again. Especially in this kind of place."

His voice is familiar. My eyes widen. Don't tell me?!

I confirmed my assumption when he went in front of me.

What is this guy doing here?!

I was about to say something when I saw a girl hug his right arm.

My brow raised. Is she his girlfriend? What an unfaithful guy!

He already had a girlfriend, and yet she still makes a one-night stand?! Well, it's a trend here now, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I can't help myself to be a bit pissed at him because the father of my child is a cheater!

Cheater is what I hated the most.

I ignore him and continue to get some clothes.

"Ignoring me?"

I just rolled my eyes. He is so thick-faced! He flirts with me in front of his girlfriend.

"Hey!" He grabs my arm when he saw me leaving him.

"Get your hands off me! Do I know you?" I told him, a bit irritated.

I saw his eyes widen, and he looked shocked.

"Are you serious? You don't remember me?" He said in disbelief.


He went closer to me, too close that his face will almost touch my face.

The girl beside him seems confused. Confuse or stupid? Your boyfriend is flirting at me, but you did nothing but stare at us.

"Do I need to remember you?"

I saw him smirked.

"I'm your first." He whispered.

I rolled my eyes. "So? I didn't expect you to be that melodramatic."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not. Just kind of a shock because most of the girls are like that."

"Well, I'm not one of the most girls you are referring to," I answered him.

He took a step back and shook his head.

"Wait. I'm so confused. Big brother, what is happening?" The girl finally asked.

My forehead creased.

Big brother? So this girl is not his girlfriend?

I look at the girl again. She is beautiful, and they resemble each other. Are they siblings?

"We shared something special. I thought we're close, but it looks like she doesn't remember me." He explained.

Something special? Well, my babies are special, so I will agree.

"Oh, I see. But is that true? Don't you remember my brother? That's new!" I can see the amazement and disbelief in her eyes.

"If you'll excuse me. I need to pay for this." I just said and showed them the things in my hand.

"Who are those for? Don't tell me— I thought you're safe?" His eyes widened.

I rolled my eyes. "Try to raise your voice more so that others could hear you!" Note the sarcasm.

"A-are you-"

I cut him off. "Don't be overacting, okay?! Also, if ever I am pregnant, did I look for you? I did not, right?!"

"I'm not overacting, okay?! Of course, if you are pregnant, I should know it because I'm the father of your child!" He said in a serious tone.

"For what? For you to accuse me that I plan all this to get you?! No, thank you! I can raise my child." Also, I don't have any plans to tell you. I want to add, but I chose not to.

"I don't care if you can raise our child or not. I am still the father, so I have the right on that child!" He said in a menacing voice.

I went closer to him. His face looks so serious.

"Why? Did you take responsibility for all the girls you had sex with and got pregnant with?" I asked in a whisper.

"I always make sure to have safe sex except to you because you don't want to. So if ever I have someone I should take responsibility with, it will only be you." He said, then smirked.

I suddenly felt irritated.

"Whatever. I am not pregnant, so will you stop pushing this issue?! I told you that I am safe that night. So can I now go to the counter to pay for these things?!" I said after our argument.

I don't have any plans to admit anything to him. I don't want to share my children with him.

He stared at me for a long time before slowly nodding.

I rolled my eyes at him and went to the counter.

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