Chapter 3

"You better tell me what the hell happen? How did you get pregnant? You don’t even have a boyfriend!” Luna asked me, almost hysterical.

I just rolled my eyes. "Simple. I had a one-night stand."

"What?! Y-you had w-what?!" Her eyes widen from what I said.

I giggle upon seeing her reaction.

“Stop giggling, Penelope Quinn, it’s not funny! How did you had a one-night stand when you don’t even go to a bar alone because you are allergic to people?!”

My head hurts from all Luna’s rants. I don’t think she will stop interrogating me until I tell her everything.

"I planned this pregnancy, okay?! You know that for six years I've been living alone. I miss my family. I want my family back, but I know that’s impossible to happen! I want to have a family of my own but with my attitude and achievements, do you think I will find a guy who is perfect for me?” I said frustratedly.

Her face became serious, and she sat on the chair across mine. He held my right hand and gently pressed it.

"Of course! You're a great woman Ellie! Someday you'll meet your perfect match."

"But I want it now," I said almost in a whisper.


I smiled at her while tears are forming in my eyes.

"Luna, I feel so empty. What will I do will all of these — my company, money, achievements if I don’t have someone to offer or dedicate all these?! My parents are gone! I have nothing but myself. I badly wanted a family. That's why I came up with this crazy idea. And I never regretted it because right now, I have my babies with me. In few months, I'll be able to see and hold them."

Her forehead creased. "B-babies?"

I nodded. "As per my OB, I have a twin!"

Her eyes widen, and she went to me to give me a warm and tight hug.

"Omg! I'm so happy for you. I will help you with your babies. And never think that you're alone because you have me, okay? I will always be here for you."

I was not able to hold my tears anymore. Damn hormones for making me this emotional!

"Thank you."

Due to my condition, Luna decided to lessen my meetings for the coming weeks or maybe months until I gave birth to my twin.

Yes. She was the one who made the decision, and as per her, I don’t have any right to contradict her because all of these are for her godchildren.

I just shook my head.

I was almost done with my work when Luna entered my office.

"Ellie, I talked to the secretary of Laertes Hotels International. The only available schedule for the meeting with their CEO is next Friday, 10 am. I already agreed on the given schedule because I know how hard it is to set a meeting with them.”

I agree with her. "Sure, no problem."

LHI is a major account.  They have more than 300 hotels and resorts in 35 countries. They only have few hotels here in the Philippines. I heard that most of their hotels are in Europe, so their main office was located in Spain.

Mr. Laertes Escarrer IV is the Chairman of LHI. He is based in Spain. From what I heard, his son Kade Ulysses Escarrer is the CEO of LHI and handling their business here in Asia. Luckily, their office is here in the Philippines.

I never had a chance to have a business with them. As I have said, they own only a few hotels here in the Philippines. And the time that they are expanding their business here in the Philippines, I was still studying.

Most of their expansion now is in other countries. They have here in the Philippines were renovations of their existing hotels. We never had a chance to work with them, even in the renovation, because from what I heard, they prefer to work with the same company who built their hotels regarding the renovation.

And I've heard that after ten years they will have a new project here in the country. But instead of the hotel, they are planning to bring here the Laertes Resorts.

Many were excited upon hearing this news. It’s not surprising, though, because Laertes Resorts are known in other countries. It is a big deal here in the Philippines.

The world of architecture and engineering here in the Philippines is all going crazy to get this account, and my company is one of those.

It’s such an achievement to have Laertes Resorts in our portfolio. After we get this project, it will be our stepping stone to get projects outside the country.

I gently touch my belly. My belly now has a small bump.

“We will get this account. You guys are my lucky charms.” I whispered to my twin.

I was so busy the following day in preparation for my meeting with Mr. Escarrer.

I gather my team for a kickoff meeting. We need to make a good impression with LHI.

"It's almost 9 am. Are you ready?" Luna asked in my intercom.

"Yes. Call the driver, and I'll be out in a bit."

"Copy. Thanks."

I heaved a heavy sighed

"This is it! Wish me luck, my babies."

I saw Luna’s waiting for me as I went out of my office.

"Let's go," I told her.

She just nodded at me and went out with me.

My office is near the LHI hotel, but because of the traffic, our supposed 10-minute drive became 45 minutes.

As expected LHI hotel is grand. The quality can compete internationally. It has the same vibe as their hotel in Berlin.

I just carefully evaluate the interior of the hotel as we went to Mr. Escarrer’s Office.

I already went to some of their hotels, and I always wanted to do a project with them.

Their hotels and resorts were beautiful and unique, the reason why I wanted to work with them. As an Architect and Engineer, you treat Laertes Hotels and Resorts as a masterpiece.

We reached the CEO’s office, and a handsome guy welcomed us. He looks like in his late 20’s and very Filipino looking, so I’m sure he is not Mr. Escarrer because from what I heard, he has Spanish blood.

"Cabello International Corporation? I'm Jace Nuñez, Mr. Escarrer's secretary." He introduced himself.

"I'm Penelope Quinn Cabello, CEO and President of CIC," I said, introducing myself.

"I'm Luna Bianca Nielis. I was the one who talked to you on the phone. I'm Ms. Cabello's secretary." Luna formally introduced herself.

He nodded, and then he opened the door. He signals us to went in first.

As expected, their CEO’s office is bigger than mine. The office has a minimalist design; black and brown are the theme of this office. It’s very manly.

My eyes suddenly widen when Mr. Escarrer lifts his face.

This is not happening! I suddenly want to forget that I wanted this project. Of all people, why him?!

He was equally shocked as I am, but he immediately recovered from the shock.

I saw him smirk. He stood up and went to us.

"Ms. Penelope Quinn Cabello."

I just gave him a forced smile. "Mr. Escarrer."

I could feel Luna slightly pushing me. She could feel that there is something wrong between this guy and me.

"You are here for the Laertes Resorts project?" His voice turned to a formal tone.

Yes, but I wanted to change my mind and back out from this project. I whispered to myself.

"Yes," I said instead.

I lost my excitement to talked to him.

My twins! Why have we always had this interaction with your dad?! We don’t need to tell him about your existence.

I can’t stop myself from panicking. What if we got this project? We will surely see each other often, which means that there is a strong possibility that he will know about my twins!

I need to give up this project.

This is not a good idea.

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Lorna Macapagal
she's getting nervous what's happening now...but she must accept it...........

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