Chapter 5

I felt Luna’s soft punch on my shoulder when we went inside the car.

“Care to explain what happen after our meeting? What is with you and Mr. Escarrer? Do you guys know each other” Luna asked me.

It was very obvious that she was very curious about me and Mr. Escarrer.

I actually asked myself if I will tell her the truth or not. As much as possible I wanted to keep this a secret.

"I don't want this project anymore!" I said instead of answering her.

Her eyes widen and I got a soft punch again from her.

‘“What are you saying?! Are you crazy?! You waited this project with LHI for so long and now you are saying that?!” She said in disbelief.

“Yes I wanted it before but now I am not sure.” I softly whispered but enough for her to hear.

She raised her right eyebrow. “Is this because of Mr. Escarrer? You wanted to missed this kind of opportunity because of him. Tell me the truth, what is with you and Mr. Escarrer?”

I just avoided her gazed and remain silent.

“You really avoiding to answer my question. You know that it made me more curious to know what is with you and him.”

Then her eyes suddenly widen. “Wait Ellie! OMG! Don’t tell me he was the guy?!” She started to get hysterical again.

She was still trying to absorb the idea that came out from her. She can’t still get over it.

“He was so hot girl! OMG! You are so lucky! Did you know how hard I stop myself from drooling because of his handsomeness?! Then I will found out that he was the father of you twins! You are the luckiest girl!”

I am not sure anymore if she was still talking to me or her self because I can’t butt in.

“Girl don’t you have any reaction?” She suddenly asked after her long dialogue.

I just rolled my eyes. “Of course he was handsome! Do you think that I will choose an ugly guy and gave him my v card?! It’s already given that one of my qualification on that night was his looks. Its my child that we are talking about here! My twin has to be a good genes both from me and their father.” I explained to her.

“Wow! I can’t get over with your cockiness girl! But still you are so lucky! You don’t really want to tell him about your twins? It’s your chance to get him!”

I was stunned from what she said. I can’t believe what I am hearing from her. Is this really my friend?

“Luna I think you are forgetting something, I am Penelope Quinn Cabello, I never chased nor seduced any guy?!” I said a bit irritated.

She just rolled her eyes on me. “Oh well you never chased a guy but you got yourself pregnant.”

My eyes widen. “You and your mouth!”

She really don’t when to stop when she was overwhelmed with something. She forgot for a moment that aside from the OB it was only me and her who knew about my pregnancy.

"Sorry I was carried away."

I just shook my head.

Today is Sunday and I don’t have work, I was just in my penthouse.

If I were to asked I would like to spent my whole day here in the house and to sleep more, but my twins looks like they don’t like the idea of just staying home.

I was craving for something. I just can’t say what is it. I decided to just went to the mall and do some food hunting.

I already went to all my favorite restaurant but still I can’t find exactly what I want to eat.

It was almost 2pm. Twins what do you want us to eat? It was already past lunch.

While I was walking, I saw a Korean-Japanese buffet. This was the new trend for the millennials here today. Samgyupsal is what they call it. But this restaurant was also offering Japanese food.

I can't believe it! For just P550 you'll be able to eat as much as Korean and Japanese food  you want. But since I don't have someone to eat with me, I need to pay for two person.

Fair enough. The cheapest buffet that I went was worth P1400, the rest were P2,800 to P5,000.

Good thing lunch time was almost over so I don't need to wait. I heard that in this kind of buffet the line was crazily long.

I ordered all the food in the menu. Since it was a buffet, I can taste all of it.

My table look like a feast with all the food. I can't wait to eat.

I was already enjoying my food when someone when on my table.

"Can you eat all that?" The man said.

I was pissed when I looked at the person who said that.

"It's none of your business. Kindly leave me alone!" I hissed.

Instead of following my words, he say down across my chair.

“I am just concern about you okay? You might get a stomachache from eating all these foods.” He said.

"Thanks for the concern but I can manage." I told him.

"Do you still think that it‘s all coincidence?" He then asked.

I rolled my eyes. I just wanted to eat, but why is this guy went here and start talking nonsense.

"Can you just let me eat?" I said almost in tears because I just wanted to eat in peace and I am getting frustrated thanks to him.

I saw concern in his eyes. Oh come on!

"Fine fine. But I will not let you eat all this. You were so slim, where will all this food go if you will eat all these?”

“You can just tell me that you wanted to eat free food you don’t need to told me those nonsense.” I said in an irritated voice.

"What? I can pay for this. You haven’t pay this food right?"

"Whatever?! Can I eat now?" I hissed.

I really wanted to just eat but I can’t do that because of this guy in front of me.

Twins why is your father like this?! He is getting into my nerves!

"Fine. Let's eat."

I smiled because finally I can eat. I tasted all the food that was in the table.

I was enjoying my food when this guy started to talk again and this time he made me feel nervous.

"You are gaining weight. With your moods and the way you eat, I would really think that you're pregnant with my child."

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