Chapter 8

I gave Ulie my penthouse address. This is the safest place to talk. I need to be careful, especially now that my pregnancy is the hottest issue now. The media are eager to get some scoop.

If the media found out about my meeting with Ulie, they will surely assume that he is the father of my child. Though it's true, I want to keep it a secret as long as I could.

Everything is a mess. I was planning to go to the US, but because of the LHI project, that plan of mine has slipped my mind.

I initially plan to stay in the US until I gave birth to my twins so that it will not be an issue.

When I’m done giving birth, I will go back to the Philippines and let the media assume that my twins are ado

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Sunny Kaur
The story is good but I definitely think someone should have looked it over. There are so many grammatical errors

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