Chapter 9

Ulie’s parents will be here in the Philippines next month. He decided to tell them about my condition by then.

The idea of meeting his parents makes me nervous.

I don’t have any idea about Ulie’s fiance. I don't even know her name. I will be considered a rich person but compare to Ulie’s wealth. I am nothing. I am not sure if his parents will accept me.

I don't have any plan to marry their son. I think that's enough for me not to worry about his parents. I should be okay whether they will like me or not because no matter what they think of me or my situation, I will keep my twins.

Two weeks have passed when Ulie found out about my pregnancy.


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Merrilyn Atienza
looking forward to finish the story...for free!
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Niven Simps
ulli is a good guy.. I hope they fall in love

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