First Encounter

Malem’s POV

" See the nonsense that is already coming out of your mouth, I will talk to Mr Down about your transfer and from there we will enrol you and get you book to read ahead of the school session, Malem I am tired , we will continue this discussion when the time comes but better take heed to my words" before I could respond the maid from earlier knocked on the door and told me to follow her, I excused myself and followed behind her, I used the opportunity to admire the house, whoever this man was he had to be a billionaire, I started taking note of the way to my room, it was on the extreme end of the pathway, it looked empty and lonely with light in the pathway as guide, we finally got to my room and my eye balls literally fell out and rolled on the floor, the room was beyond amazing it's was beautiful, it had a plain white and deep grey painting which had a royal touch to it, the bed was queen size with purple beddings , there was a large screen TV opposite the bed with white cushions in front of it,there was a mini fridge by the side and a reading table on the other side of the room. There was a door leading to a walk in wardrobe and bathroom, my clothes wouldn't even fill one- quarter of the wardrobe, it was so beautiful. Then the maid who brought me up came up beside me.

" beautiful right" she said admiring the room as I did.

" yes, yes it is" I said as I turned to face her, she looked very young I would say we were the same age maybe she'd be 2 or 3 years older than I was

" sorry I didn't introduce myself, I was distracted by the beauty of everything" I apologized shyly, when did I become shy I thought in my head.

" it's fine, when I got here the first time,I had the same reaction, I'm Mara by the way," she said extending her hands for a hand shake, why so formal I thought.

"Sorry for being so formal"she said with her cheeks turning pink as she retracted her hand. Now I felt embarrassed dawg I said that out loud.

" jeez I'm sorry I didn't mean to say it out loud" I apologized shyly, rubbing my neck with my hand.

" it's fine" she smiled at me, and we shared an awkward moment of looking at each other.

" oh , I'm Malem, but just call me Ermah for easier pronunciation" I said jokingly as I extended my hand forward, she looked at it first as if contemplating whether or not she should shake it , you better not leave my hand hanging if you don't want to make enemies, I carefully said in my head making sure I wasn't saying it out loud. As if she heard me, she shook my hand and we laughed about it. There I knew I had made my first friend in this new place.

" I will leave now, you should freshen up, it's almost time for dinner, I'll come to inform you when it's time for dinner.

I showered and quickly fished out the most presentable clothes, to where for the dinner, I dressed and packed my hair making it appear more presentable. Half an hour later Mara came to my room and we went down, the three of us, Mr Gary Down , my mum and I had dinner in silence. He apologized his son was in a mood and could not join us but promised to introduce him to my mum the following morning.

I wondered how much trouble the little boy caused, he was so rude that he could not come down for dinner, I heard from Mara that he had his meal in his room, which she also revealed was opposite mine, awww I thought, I got to stay close to the little boy.

Anyways I was going to teach that little boy some manners, if I decided to do that to my mum, I better forget about dinner for that night, she would never tolerate such indiscipline.

I excused myself telling Mara goodnight, I went to tell my mum Good Night, I entered the room, she was still in the clothes she wore to dinner, I covered her with the blanket and I kissed her forehead. Whispered Goodnight and Switched off the lights the way she usually slept and closed the door.

I headed up towards my end of the house, I noticed the light on in the room opposite mine. Young master ,as they called him , and was awake, I wanted to go in to my room, but my tongue was itching to see the little stubborn boy.

I knocked no answer,

I knocked again, no answer

I placed my ears on the door and heard movement in the room

Little child, he was scared of being scolded he was probably trying to hide,

I immediately turned the door knob and barged in, but I stopped as soon as I heard a male voice shouting at me.

" Get the fuck out" the voice shouted angrily, I looked up to see a young guy before me, what I thought he was Five. I was startled, he was extremely handsome. I could not admire him properly cause he shouted at me again.

" Are you deaf" he asked rudely

" no I'm not" I answered angrily

" then get out of my room immediately" he said as he took long steps towards me, I was scared he was going to hit me, I quickly rushed out and closed the door behind me and I heard him locking it from inside, I opened my door and went in . I was still a bit shaken from what just occurred, but one thing stayed in mind.

Young Master isn't so small after all, so why was my mum taking care of him, he seemed pretty fine to me, I had random thoughts of my day as i took off my clothes, I quickly slid under the sheets and closed my eyes until the darkness took over

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