We did

"Hope you two did not do what I think you both did in my bathroom" I said in a semi annoyed tone

Hope they did not do the marital deed in my bathroom, one thing would not happen if they did and that would be forgiveness!!!!!!  They have stained the purity of my house. I feel like howling out load in disgust. I would have to scrub my bathroom later.

"Well maybe we did" she said in a low mischievous tone.

Before I could understand what she meant and respond she walked far ahead of me and went to talk to Madam Joan.

I did not want to be rude so I did not bother moving towards them so I did not eaves drop on them.

A while later she came back.

"Do you know the hardest part of today is lieing to Madam Joan about not knowing where Michael is" she sighed out

"Yeah, but it is better for her not to know where he is than for her to know what was going to happen if she did not come on time" I said honestly

"Well that's true, she would probably have a heart attack, your mum will ship you back to Nigeria and I will be sent out of this house" she said dramatically as she fell into bed.

"You should go get him out of there" I replied to her looking towards the direction of the bathroom.

"Oh yeah," she smirked and started towards the door

"Don't try anything nasty in there" I called out to her, I was not ready to hear sounds that were meant for man and woman alone.

"You should not worry about that " she turned back to me and winked.

Oh no oh no oh no no no no no

I wanted to count till ten but goodness I was ready to hear them moan in my bathroom I quickly rushed behind her.

"Okay she's gone you can come out now" I said audibly enough

Then I stood by the bathroom door as I watched both of them walk out of the room.

Yup I know I am being a cock block but not today guys not in my bathroom.

We all stood in my room looking at each other weirdly the awkwardness was starting to creep in and I hoped I was not the only one who was thinking

What the fuck were we thinking....

"I guess I should head to my room now" Michael said as he rubbed the back of his neck as he looked back and forth between Mara and I.

Yup there was tension hanging in this room and it definitely did not feel sexual at all.

Mara looked like she wanted to strip him naked and do the deeds with him but I could not understand why he was not reciprocating as he did earlier in the bathroom when I was not there.

Mara just stood and we both waved good night to him. I kind of felt bad that they did not end up going together.

"I kind of have to stay in your room for a while , I told madam Joan I will stay up till Michael comes back home " she said as she slumped sadly into my bed

"oh it's fine, you could even just spend the night in my room. Going back out will be too stressful for you " I offered in my kindness

" oh no I can't, Madam Joan will have my head" she refused

"You know, she probably will not notice. She will probably stay up waiting for me to come back "she said

"You are over thinking this, just spend the night with  me, if you want you could go back early tomorrow morning ". I said to her and reluctantly she agreed.

I knew she probably wanted to go and sneak into Michael's room so that they could finish what they started in my bathroom and I was not going to be here for that, yes I knew it was selfish of me to make her stay in my room but call me evil,

jealousy turns us to different people and makes us do the most unimaginable things.

If she left tonight I will spend my night thinking of what they could be doing without me and that will raise my blood pressure and if anything I'm trying to keep it on a normal level.

She assisted me in making the bed, then I went on to study for a bit as she dozed off in my bed, good thing she slept very early I can't imagine how awkward things would have been between us if I hopped on to the bed and we were both on it.

We would have probably started another make out session and without Michael he won't forgive us if he ever finds out.

Focus Malem, focus on your books. You are trying to read so you could become a good Doctor and not a make out / relationship analyst

I brought my head back to my books instantly that was enough distraction for the night!

After two hours of studying I headed back to bed, I slept on the other side of the bed just to avoid wandering hands.

I allowed my mind to fly around thinking of different things and before I knew it, I was drawn to the darkness of the night

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