Mr Rude Face

Malem's POV

I woke up early as I usually do at home, I made my bath and quickly made my way down to meet my mum and know what to do next.

"I knocked on my mums door before entering and she was also well dressed and sitted on her table was probably waiting for Mr Down to come down and she could start her job.

" Good Morning Mum" I said Chirpy as I sat on the bed

" Morning Dear, Hope you were able to sleep well", she asked as she kissed my head

" Yes Mum I did , the bed is so comfy" I smiled as I replied. She smiled and nodded.

" Take me up to see your room so I can keep an eye on you better" she said seriously and I was tempted to roll my eyes at her...

" Okay Mum, let's go up" I said as I stood up and adjusted my skirt.

On way out of the room the room we met Mr Gary Down in the walk way,

" Good Morning Mr Down" I said politely as soon as I saw him.

" morning Malem, ms martin" he nodded at both of us. And I smiled awkwardly as I mum replied

" hope you slept well, were your rooms comfortable" he asked nicely.

I held back from rolling my eyes, he must know the rooms were very comfortable, and beautiful. So much for show off!!! I see you man, I see you.

"The rooms were very comfortable thank you" my mum answered curtly and I was still smiling in agreement , I had smiled for so long it was starting to hurt.

" that is good to know, my son will be coming down soon, so you will get introduced to him and from there you can get better acquainted" he said the latter as he looked at me.

Hold up man. Your son nearly traumatized the life out of me with his rudeness and sexy self. I thought as I nodded at him.

" his previous nurse will be coming later during the day, to take you through and you will fully begin tomorrow" he informed my mother and I was getting bored from the conversation. The conversation was still going on when we heard footsteps approaching us.

We all turned and it was Mr rude face coming down the stairs  , he turned and lingered his gaze on me for a bit before he looked at his Dad and my mum. His face held no expression so I could not tell what he was feeling. He simply looked unimpressed.

" Ah-hah Michael, you are here" Mr Down said as he realized that his was not going to acknowledge our presence. Mr rude face is totally rude!!!

" Good Morning Dad" he said lazily as if he was compelled to greet his Dad. He then sent a questioning look our way, expecting an introduction from his Dad.

" Michael this is Ms Martin and her daughter Malem, she's your new care taker and she flew here all the way from Nigeria,  isn't that nice? His Dad said nicely as he introduced us and Mr rude face didn't seem too happy about our presence.

" We will see how long she lasts before she quits" was the only thing he said as he looked from my mother and back to me before he walked out on us . I was tempted to pull him back and whoop his ass, but I had to be a gentle lady. How can a human being he so rude and disrespectful. I did not care when he did it to me but his dad and my mum, our elders that was plainly rude.

" Excuse me " I said as I walked towards the same direction he followed , maybe I needed to talk sense into him. Or did I, it's not too late to turn back, a little voice in my head warned, but I didn't listen, he needed someone to set him straight.

And you had to be the one, the voice asked once more. I'm not sure but maybe yes, yes I needed to do this.

Apparently the path led to a little garden and I found him sitting on a bench in there. I observed him for a while, he looked upset, but why should he be upset, he just disrespected his elderly a while back and walked out on them. I sighed in annoyance and marched towards him, I stood in front of him angrily as I tapped my feet noisily before him. He ignored me and I stood there still, tapping my feet noisily.

" I see you have a thing for invading people's privacy" he said dryly as his eyes scanned me .

" I see you have a thing for being rude to people around you" I retorted

" And how is that any of your business " he asked rudely and to be honest I did not have a good come back in mind, but I was not going to just let him win so easily.

" What's your deal ehh, what will it take from you to be polite" I asked in annoyance, and of course he not reply, he simply ignored and in as much as I wanted to say more , I felt it was wiser to hold back. I was about to walk out, I had already turned to leave then I his voice saying something

" What" I questioned as I turned to face him.

" A lot" he said , then he continued, it would take a lot from me to be polite

"But it would not hurt to try" I said as I walked out of the garden and went into the house.

I traced my way back to were I left my Mum and Mr Down, but they were not there. I tried to check but I realized that this was an unfamiliar side of the house, I was definitely lost, I walked back and forth and still couldn't find my way around , lucky for me I saw Mara passing.

" Mara" I called out happily but more out of relief. She turned and when she realized it was me she smiled

" Hey, what are you doing here" she asked

" I got lost" I admitted and she chuckled

" I also got lost a couple of times the first few weeks I was here but eventually you will get used to it. This is Mr Down's side of the house" she said nicely as she led me out through a small path I wasn't going to remember.

" Your Mum is at the dining with Mr Down" she said as she directed me and she rushed back into the kitchen.

I quickly walked the path the directed me to before I forgot the description and I saw my Mum and I smiled.

" Where have you been" she asked as she frowned her face at me.

" I got lost" I said avoiding her question, knowing she would frown at what I did.

"I warned you lem, you should not snoop around" she said disapprovingly as she face palmed.

" You should allow her explore the place, after all you both would be staying here for a really long time" he offered nicely

" Thank you Sir that's so kind of you" my mum appreciated and he smiled in acknowledgement

"Your mum told me you love to read, you are more than welcome to explore my library" he said and my eyes lit up in excitement.

"Thank you sir, that's very nice of you sir" I smiled happily.

Breakfast was soon served and Mr rude face joined us, to my surprise he did not pass any rude remarks nor comments. Even when his Dad asked him to show me round the house and even the library he nodded politely and did not object to it. He even extended his offer to show me around town.

He was the first to leave the dining and he excused himself. Improvement I thought. Mr Down also excused himself and also asked my mum to meet him in his office later.

I quickly took my mum up and showed her my room , she was impressed but did her best to hide it.

She quickly went down to meet Mr Down as they had a lot to discuss . I just laid on my bed as I thought of my new life here. My thoughts also drifted to Michael and his sudden polite behavior after our little talk in the garden. I should probably start calling myself an influencer.

I heard a knock on my door.

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