Flash Back

Michael's POV

After having a cordial lunch with the family. I headed back to the garden.

No one really knew this, but this was my favorite place, it made me calm and happy. And most importantly it reminded me of my mother. She loved this place a lot. She spent a lot of time here and she even thought me how to make and care for a flower bed.

I noticed that ever since we left here nobody tended to the garden and there was so much grass that had sprouted out. And I wanted this place cleaned up. It would have been easier to tell the men to come do it, but I knew the job would not be satisfactory, so instead I went to the store in garden and brought out the tools I was going to do it by myself.

I sat on the bench once more taking in the Air and enjoying the environment, I closed my eye and leaned back and allowed thoughts of a certain girl fill my mind , I thought of my encounter with her earlier.

I was sitted on the bench in the garden ,this same bench I was sitted on, and I was enjoying the silence and the loneliness I felt.

Until I got whiff of a familiar intoxicating scent, I was tempted to turned around and check for where she was but I guess I was too lazy to move a bone.

Then I heard a footsteps approaching me , she then stood in front of me, and she looked pretty pissed off. But I could not care less she looked so beautiful and I could not care less .

She was stomping her foot on the ground continuously, and I dropped my gaze to her legs, damn such fine legs. I toned out the sound and kept admiring those fine legs.

Then I got out of it and realized she was not going to stop until I spoke and I did, she replied me with the same energy. Uh uhh me likeee!!! I like a little bit of a temper.

Of course we went back  and forth until she said the one thing my mum always said to me.

" What will it take from you to be polite" she asked me ,her tone exposed that she was really upset, maybe she did not like how I spoke to her mother and I respected that. I was going to try at least just to make my mother proud.

As soon as she walked away, I was left with thoughts of my mother. Her love and care and most importantly her patience with me. She was the only one who understood me and how I felt. And she was always slow to get angry with me. My thoughts kept going back to the different scenarios when she asked me that question. I remembered the Last time she asked me that, my Dad was hosting a party at our home and I was forced to go, given that I was the only and they needed to start showing off.

Flash Back ..

" Mikey come and see the suit I got for you," my mum said excitedly as she walked into my room and sat on my bed

I was sitting at on the patio aside working on an assignment that was going to be due the following day and the last thing I needed was to get upset because of my Dad hypocritic parties and his snobbish rich friends.

He himself was snobbish, ever since my diagnosis he barely ever spoke to me or even acknowledged my presence in a room, it was like I was none existent to him.

At first when it started I dismissed it because I thought he was always busy with work. But then gradually it got worst, he started staying away more often and when he was back he buried himself with work or he always stayed in his office. If I came down for dinner ,then he ate in his room. When I was in the hospital he never visited not even once, he only sent me flowers once.

I did not mind because I thought he was not in the country but I got home soon and found out he never traveled. And the following day after I came back home he planned to travel the following day.

There was a lot of arguments between him and my mum last night and I eaves dropped, I wish I did not cause the things I heard were very heart breaking.

"_You should have no problem caring for him he is your Son after all" I heard my Dad spit out bitterly to my mum. Then she gasped in shock

" how can you say that Gary, he is our Son both of us he is both our responsibilities, I can't do this alone please" she started saying angrily but she later broke into sobs. I could hear how broken she felt and it was because of me.

" Then we can send him away to any institute, and we can have more children or we could even adopt a dog if it will make you feel better" my Dad said in a cold tone, without any form if care or guilt about it. My eyes widened as I realized how much he had rejected me.

He would rather have a Puppy , dirty puppies roaming around the house than care for me his son. I did not realize it until I felt a drop of liquid on my hand. I was crying because I was so much trouble for my father. He wanted to send me away to an institute.

I heard my thud, my mum had slapped my Dad for what he had said.

" I cannot believe you are talking such rubbish about your own child, you are just a monster" she said as she walked away from him and towards the door. I quickly hid in the corner so she would not see me. When her foot steps faded away , I hurriedly walked back to my room and cried myself to sleep. And that night I made up my mind that I was going to work to get better to make it easier for my mum and to prove my Dad wrong.

I brought my thoughts back to the present.

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