Flash Back II

" No way mum I already told you that I was not going to attend any function of his, he can go and take a puppy to his function not me" I replied rudely as I continued typing on my system.

" come on please, I had it custom made for you and I know your custom made clothes are usually your favorite you will love this one" she insisted nicely, which got me more upset, why didn't she understand that I did not want to go. I broke the wine bottle beside me and screamed, then my mum rushed outside to see me and make sure I was okay

" what will it take for you to go away, I said no already i am not going for the party so why do keep asking, I will shred those clothes until they become rags, just leave" i shouted at her and she flinched in fear, her gaze dropped to the piece of broken glass on my hand, then she looked up at me, her eyes filled with tears because I always broke her heart and most times she was forced to understand

" what will it take from you to be polite Michael," she said then she paused to wipe a tear that had escaped her eyes before she continued


why can't you talk nicely to me, when all I ever try to do is love you and be here for you and I always try to understand you, but you do not always make it easy for me and believe when I tell you this it is very hard" she did not give me a chance to talk or apologize, she walked out of my room and dropped the suit on my bed.

Of course I knew she was daring me to shred it to pieces, of course every part of me was tempted to shred it but I had to control myself if I wanted to make my mum happy.

So I picked up the suit and stared at it for a while, it was truly as fine as she said it was. It also looked very expensive. I guess I had no other choice than to stand out on the day of the party.

I hung it in my wardrobe, and quickly went to work on my laptop and round up the assignment. I wanted to go and talk to my mum and even explain something to her so she would forgive me, but I was also upset too and I did not want to worsen things between us, she was my best friend and I did not like the pang of guilt that was hanging on my chest.

I dressed up and headed down for dinner, I was going to use the opportunity to talk to her and apologize to her for my behavior. I wanted to make it easier for her and not make her cry. I knew she sacrificed a lot for me and dropped a lot of things just so she could stay back and take better care of me.

But she did not come down for dinner, I ate alone since my Dad was on another one of his trips again. I went up to my room and saw that the patio was cleaned up ,there were no more broken glasses there. I quickly went down and asked if they had sent dinner up for my mum and I was informed she was not hungry.

I quickly made her a plate and also place a small bucket of ice cream and two spoons beside it so we could talk it out and maybe she would let me sleep in her room tonight.

I went up to her room and I saw her sitting on the floor with a box before her, containing my childhood pictures, I fed her dinner, just the way she fed me when I was younger and we gisted and shared the bucket of ice cream together. Of course she shooed me off to my room but as I stood up to leave I waited to tell her something

" it would take a lot for me to be polite whenever it involved Dad  but i am going to try, I am willing to try for you. I am sorry for lashing out at you mum, I will try harder mum I promise" I said in remorse

" I know you are trying, I don't know what your dad might have done to you, but you have to keep trying okay and not for him but for yourself, I love you so much my bunny" she said as she stood up and squeezed both of my cheeks and pulled me in for a bear hug

I left her room happy, because she loved me and cared for me unconditionally.

End of flash back

After that I promised to keep trying not because of my Dad but for myself. I will try to be more respectful and polite to both her mum and my dad even when it was going to be hard.

I did not particularly have anything against Ms Martin but I generally had an issue with all the Nurses my Dad brought to care for me ever since my mum passed away.

They always had pity for me in their eyes which irritated me a lot. They did not know me well so they always tended to do something to trigger me. Most of then messed up my medication a lot. They did not care about doing their job well they only cared about the large pay that came along with caring for the Billionaire's Son.

And I had a feeling that this nurse will not be any different from any one of the rest. I just needed to frustrate her enough into showing her true self. But Africa was a very far place to travel back to but I did not care. The first mistake she made was to accept this job in the first place.

Or maybe just maybe I would be nice to her so she could keep her pretty daughter around for a bit longer. She seemed like a pretty nice company, too bad we already got off on the wrong foot. Maybe I needed to apologize and show her that I was not a bad person.

Although it was very hard for me to do, I decided I was going to invite her to join me as I brought the garden back to life, maybe from there we would find a mutual footing and start up from there.

I went up to my wing of the room and paused at her door as I tried to decide whether I was making the right choice or not. If mum was here she would have encouraged me to make more friends. I took in a deep breathe and gently knocked on her door.

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