The Garden

I connected the pipes to the tap and allowed water to flow from the taps. And we started watering the plants.

She mistakenly poured water on me , then I turned to look at her with a semi frown on my face

" Oops, sorry, it was a mistake, I did not mean to" she said mischievously as she faced the other side and watered the plants.

So little Miss Snoopy controlling pants is also a mischievous one huh. I smirked at the knowledge of that. I have always liked me a pretty mischievous lady.

"_ok It's fine, no problem"I said curtly as I turned to my side, she kept turning to look at me, I am pretty sure she was guilty and checking to be sure I did not return the favour.

So I returned the favour. But of course not immediately, I waited until her guards were down and she was convinced I would not revenge before I executed my revenge.


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