Under my breath

" hey " I said to mara as soon as I saw her

" Nice work you guys did here, I'm sure you did most of it you strong guy" she complimented, and spoilt it with her latter words. I refrained from rolling my eyes are her

" Yeah, Thank you" i said politely, " actually Nene equally put in a lot of effort and she even gave me extra tips on gardening" I said as I gave Malem back them glory.

" yeah I'm sure she did" she said dismissively. As I led her into the garden where Malem was.

"_How was the grocery shopping" Malem asked politely

" It was actually more interesting than I thought, she let me pick stuff myself , can you believe it, she is just a very nice woman" mara replied excitedly

" That's cool so did you bring any Saraba for us" she asked

And both Mara and I frowned our faces an

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