Bish and Nankur

It felt so refreshing, I could help it as I allowed my mind to drift once more to what had happened between Michael and I. That kiss, my first kiss. It was actually better than I imagined.

If I knew that kissing felt so good I would have been kissing since I don't know the 19's. Or early two thousand , the 19's still felt like things were black and white in the world. And when it came to 2000, colour came to the world. Of course I can't say this outside but ....

I quickly dried my body and changed into a presentable dress . it would soon be time for dinner. I was starving. Arggghhh.

I picked up my phone and called my best friend , Bish. It kept ringing and he had not picked up, knowing him he was probably dancing and singing along to his ring tone.

I rolled my eyes at that possible thought. I had already given up on him picking. And va ga boom here he is present and picking up his phone

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