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Malem's POV

I acted like I did not care about what she said. I acted like I was more concerned about the bottle of water I was drinking. I waited until she had gone far. Then I carefully walked towards the visitor's end of the mansion where my mum's room was located.

I removed my shoes and held them in my hand as I was close to the room. So I would not make a sound. I tiptoed to the door and placed my ear on the door.

" Are you sure you left her in the kitchen" I heard my mum ask

" yes Ma'am, she was drinking water in the kitchen before I left" she confirmed, if only they knew my ear was hear pressed to the door.

"Okay Good because my daughter can be very nosey" she said seriously. Then I heard Mara chuckling weirdly.

I frowned my face and placed a hand over my chest " So rude mum" I whispered in annoyance.


Hey y’all hope you’re having a nice time reading this

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