Why was I here

Michael's POV

"Fuck you, you know you wanted to kiss me, you were just too much of a pussy to make a move" she said rudely angrily and worst insensibly.

I mean I knew I was a jerk for what I said but she could be too much to handle a lot of times. And I just had to play that card.

I was still in shock at her behavior and I just stared at her in shock.

Ok I will not over exaggerate it, I looked at her like she was a crazy person. She was actually crazy.

One moment she was sweet and teasing and so sexy , and the next she was pushy annoying and so controlling. Ok she was not so controlling but she was very very pushy.

I was still standing looking at her in awe, unsure of what to say, that is if I was meant to say anything at all considering the bad mood she was in and I did not want to say anything that would make

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