Harder than others

Or could I blame Malem for not being understanding enough. She was there she saw what happened, Mara took us both by surprise. So why was she mad. She more than anyone else was meant to understand that situation. Why was she mad at me for it. She was meant to be mad at Mara .

And besides fighting with the girl over the guy was more of a thing than talking to the guy about it.

Or maybe I could simply blame sweet Madam Joan for the whole damn situation.  If she spent a bit more time in the market or at the store any one they went to. Or maybe she could have made her upset so she would have gone straight to her room instead of pestering us.

Or maybe I should blame fate, everything happened according to fate. If mum never died, I would have never gotten worst, I would have never gotten into fights, I would have been managing my stay with Dad and he would have never gotten fed u

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