A kind heart

She quietly peeped to be sure that no one saw her. Then she placed a finger on her lip to signify that I remained silent. Then she stepped out and closed the door behind her. Then she gently pulled me away from the building and towards the mansion. Then she released my hand when we had gotten far enough and she turned to face me.

" What were you thinking" she asked me eyes opened wide like she had seen a ghost.

" I was coming to get you, what else would I be thinking?" I asked her as I raised a brow at her

" You are not supposed to be there, what if someone saw you, do you know how much trouble I would be in. I could even lose my job" she explained the implications of my actions.

" Well if you came out early, all that would have not happened" I said carefully, picking my words wisely I did not want any party to get more upset and ruin our nights even further.

" I wa

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