Freaked out


When all our snacks were finished, we headed back to the mansion.

I escorted her back to her quarters then I walked up to my room.

I was about to turn the knob to enter my room when I heard a sob.

I pressed my ear to the Malem's door and there I realized that the sobbing came from her room.

A lot of questions flooded my mind

What made Malem cry she did not seem like the sobbing type.

Malem's POV

Few Minutes After Michael went down to the garden..............

So I was feeling guilty about what had happened with Mr Angry Rude cheating Face. Yes we are back to calling him that.

I am even considering adding Tolerant to the list but that will be so crazy and obnoxious.

And a lot of crazy things had already happened and I was not ready to be part of any more craziness.

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