Texting Besty

And I did exactly what a typical Malem would do. I went back down to see what was going on.

To bad I went when it was too late. I had seen the car exiting towards the gate.

And I felt nothing but raw jealousy and envy

I wished I was Mara.

I have never cared about a guys attention, although I got a lot in my previous school but I knew really cared. I had a lot of friends around me so somehow I never cared enough to notice any guy aside from my best friend Bish ,who I now see as a brother.

Yes He was in the Bro Zone.

And I think he enjoyed it because he had extra privileges .

Putting that aside, I headed back to kitchen and checked for snacks and anything edible that did not involve cooking or warming.

They had a lot of junks in the house. So finding all of that was not a problem.

I went to the library, Thank goodness Mr Gary Down was not in there so I felt more comfortable.

I took my time to understand the arrangement of the library, before I found myself a good book to read.

I picked it and went to the dining room as I sat there with my junk load as I read and Dined with myself as I waited for both of them to come back.

1 hour later, nothing there were not back and I was already giving up on them. Maybe I was doing too much.

I still did not give up, I waited for them to come back

2 hours 15 minutes 46 seconds later

No news from the love birds.

What was happening, why are they so late then.

I had already eaten a lot of junk food and I could not afford to load anymore snacks into my stomach. I gave up ,cleared the table and headed up to my room and laid on the bed as I reflected my day.

What the fuck was wrong with me and why was I over reacting like this.

He did not even kiss me, practically what happened was that I KISSED HIM AND HE RESPONDED.

I should not be acting like this, I should not do this to myself.

No girl deserves to go through what I have been through. This persecution was too much. This cross was too heavy to bear on my shoulders.

Ok I was over reacting again. I counted 1 to 10 as I took in deep breaths to calm myself

And it worked for the first time. I was thinking of listening to music again but then I lost the vibe almost immediately.

I heard foot steps approaching and I froze. Who was that because I was so sure that the Love birds were not back yet, so who could that be.

Then foot steps got louder and I pretended to be sleeping  so I turned off the light and began to prepare to attack if my room was going to get broken into.

I tried to remain calm, my door opened. I opened my eye to peep and see who it was.

Phew it was my Mum, and it was then I realized how tensed up I was . I calmed down and as she walked closer towards the bed and I smiled lightly.

"Mum" I asked in a low cute pretense voice.

"yes " she answered quietly as she sat beside me

I kept quiet so it would not turn into a full blown conversation.

My silence was actually what she needed. She prayed for me. Then she kissed me good night as she pressed her lips to my forehead. And I smiled sheepishly like a sheep .I had no words at all.

As soon as she closed the door behind herself, that I released a breathe that was holding on to.

I really wished my mum was not so hard on me always. I would have loved to tell her about my kiss and everything that has happened afterwards and how I feel about the whole situation.

But I knew my mum and I knew how she would react to such things so I kept it to myself.

I had no one to talk to and I felt so bad about it. It reminded me of a song Lonely by Akon

"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I have nobody for my own

Oh, I'm so lonely

I'm Mr. Lonely

I have nobody for my own

Oh, I'm so lonely"

I sighed as I turned and rolled on my bed. I could not sleep. I was not happy and they were also not yet back and I was not taking it lightly where could they have possibly gone to.

I picked up my phone and texted Bish,  I knew things between us were not okay but it felt like he was the only one I had left and every one else seemed to be against me.

" Hey best friend " ~ Malem

"Hey boo boo" ~ Bish

There was no enthusiasm. He could not even fake it for me? We really needed to talk and patch things up until there was nothing left of the friendship.

" I am sorry about today , I should have never put you in such a position, I am sure it was uncomfortable. I am sorry I brought you into this. I hope we can resolve it " with love from Your best friend ~ Malem

" Gosh , I am not upset because if the weird position you put me in, you have put me in countless of weirder positions you have put me in but then here we are , it is still okay though. Thank you for always coming back to make things right" ~ Bish

" I am glad that we can put that behind us and move on to the next thing, why were you really upset I want you  to break down what really upset you" ~malem Protection Status