Chapter 2

I left the exciting and lustful life in Rio De Janeiro and came to Paris with a fancy invitation from someone who claimed to be a nephew of King Louis XIII of France.

At first, I did not plan to be there as I had ignored all sorts of interactions with the royal class and other aristocrats, but I remembered how the very name of Paris had brought a rush of excitement to me in the past. And considering that there were no other places I could let my uneventful stretch of existence loose anyway. I decided to make France my next sojourn.

If things got boring there, I could just return to America and find somewhere to spend a tiny portion of my eternity there or go around those ghost cities like a lost soul I always was and party with those fine beauties like I always had.

I stood on my bedroom balcony, looking at the distorted Eiffel Tower, which bent slightly to the south. After the war, the tower now looked like a skeleton of a dead soldier who refused to fall. Colossal buildings, massive cathedrals, and grand palaces were reoccupied by the New Government, much like Russia and anywhere else around the world.

Like Moscow, Paris used to be a whole universe in herself- elegant and fashioned by history, always seemed timeless from the age of Emperor Napoleon. Now everything was just the remaining ashes of the horrible war.

Château de Versailles was my next adventure for tonight. The palace hosted a feast almost every month.


I looked through the dark tint window of the car as we drove through vast courtyards and giant fountain in front of the elegant building. When our limousine stopped, the door at my side opened and I stepped out into the freezing air. Behind me walked my guards who dressed in formal black suits. Estella and Claire, the two vampire women, whom I came to favor during the last few weeks, also accompanied me. They were fine porcelain beauties, and I could hear the rustle of their velvety dresses and fur coats as we strolled along the red-carpeted avenue of the Versailles.

Then a group of royal French guards escorted a tall dark-haired man who smiled as he floated into view. He twisted his curved mustache and adjusted his expensive suit when he reached me. His bright golden eyes gleamed and his skin glowed like most well-fed high class.

"Bonsoir! Grande-Duchesse Anastasia de Russie!" he said and bowed, taking my hand in his and kissing it, but then he paused as if to think of something. The man cleared his throat again and spoke in a poor imitation of the Russian accent, "Menya zavut Jean-Phillip."

"I can speak French," I said it in his native tongue. Jean let out a forced sigh of surprise.

"Wonderful!" he said. "I knew you are a sophisticated and well-educated young woman! Such a lovely honor to have you as my guest tonight, Your Highness."

"Thank for inviting me, too," I said. "I brought my friends along. Hope you don't mind."

"Ah, non! My pleasure, Grand Duchess. The more, the merrier." He said with a chuckle. "Now please come along this way and join our banquet. I have prepared special dessert just for you."

My face twitched a little, disliking the way the word 'dessert' sounded in my ears, but I brushed it off. We followed the man down the Grand Hall and into what appeared to be an enormous ballroom. A world of frescoes and murals surrounded us- their colors deep and vibrant above the dance floor.

The dark-haired vampire touched my hand and led me further. Much like that evening, I entered Notre-Dame, women, and men of all shapes and sizes twirled around to the classical music. Tables and cushioned chairs around the hall. Some vampires were drinking red liquid of fine Bordeaux mixed with fresh blood. I could smell the scent of humans and sex thick in the air.

Then I motioned to the guards and they moved away. My maidens looked like they couldn't wait to have their moments. Their dark violet eyes blazed at the thrilling sight.

"Your Highness, please follow me. You must be thirsty and perhaps would like a few drinks," Jean spoke again and steered us towards a large couch with a long coffee table overflowing with food and drink. Several young boys and girls lay waiting around the carpeted floor. Instead of being afraid, these humans stared at me with excited eyes. Some smiled and blushed openly.

"You really know how to host a feast, Jean," I said, making the man laughed. He spread his arms and looked around the place.

"What's not to love, Grand Duchess?" he said. "Everyone is here to serve you."

I smiled at him. Estella looped her arm around mine possessively, already looking jealous.

"Please don't forget about us, Your Highness," she whispered in my ear. "I won't share you with anyone else."

"You do share me with her," I said, pointing to Claire.

"She's my sister! That doesn't count" Estella protested.

"Alright, I promise." I tipped her chin up and gave her a peck and smiled.

Far away in the Paris night, a bell chimed. But now I could only focus on the intoxicating hot aroma from those youthful veins. Jean beckoned to a girl and she came towards me. The Frenchman nodded in encouragement and then he bowed away, leaving me to my joyous abundance. Estella and Claire took a boy and a girl for themselves. They didn't waste a moment to enjoy their humans. The host moved like a shadow around the ballroom, chatting and laughing with his guests.

The singing and dancing continued. The French walked me to the couch and sat me down. Her light green eyes were fearless and excited. She leaned in and wrapped her delicate arms around my neck.

"I have heard so many things about you," she said bravely. Her voice carried sweet seduction and delicious scent. I gave her a tiny smile.

"Oh, what did they say about me?"

"They talk non-stop about your divine beauty and your kind and generous heart." She smiled and played with my blonde hair. "I have been secretly longing to see you and wishing that I could be lucky enough to serve your needs. Now it's like a dream comes true."

She was pressing her soft round breasts into my arm, offering herself to me. I felt the pulsing of her sex against my leg and smiled at her lovely face.

"But I might not be so kind," I spoke as she raised her thigh and placed it over my lap, revealing her bare bum from under her short skirt.

"Oh I don't believe you," she said in a sultry voice. "You have to prove it."

"Then come here," I said and the girl didn't hesitate to move over, straddling fully on my lap and pressing her flat tummy against mine.

"Yes, Your Highness?" she whispered longingly.

And I sank my teeth into her smooth neck. Her body went rigid for a moment before she relaxed again. My bite injected her with a rush of euphoria. She moaned and gasped as my mouth sucked and drew the source of life from her body. After a moment, I pulled away with a satisfied grunt.

"Yum." I smiled.

"Oh god, you're so naughty," the dazed human girl whispered and bent down to lick my blood-stained lips.

I chuckled softly and stuck out my tongue for her to suckle on. This lustful state was luring me in, and I couldn't wait to set myself free again.

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