Chapter 3

The misty air around the ballroom had thickened with more scent of alcohol and the smell of fresh blood. The golden light had dimmed down, making the atmosphere even more appealing.

I watched the vampires enjoy their feast and music, laughing and talking nonsense to one another.

Before I knew it, Jean and Estella had become each other's company. Each had a human slave by their sides, ready to serve their needs. I was too preoccupied with my own lust to even care.

The girl sitting on my lap began to move, gently rubbing her heated private against me. She bravely took my face in her hands.

"I want you to have more of me."

The punctured skin on her neck had stopped bleeding and healed. The only thing that reminded me of my feeding was the traces of red blood that smeared our lips when we kissed.

"Who's the naughty one now?" I said in a raspy voice.

"Your Highness, please," she coaxed again softly, giving me a pouty look. Her hand played with the button of my blouse. "This is my first time seeing you in person and also my luck to be your servant. Anyone would be jealous. They wish to be in my place right now. Who doesn't want to be with the beautiful Russian princess?"

I chuckled and squeezed her round little bum, pulling her into me closer.

"What's your name, girl?" I asked, staring into her light green eyes.


"Mmm...Lyra," I mused, cupping her chin in my hand. "You have no idea what kind of a princess I am. But I couldn't say 'no' to such a face."

Before she could reply, my hand was already slithering under her short plaid skirt, and my touch on her smooth skin made her eyelids flutter and her breaths hitch.

One of my hands stroked her thigh and then went further to her secret place. The girl shivered in my arms.

When I reached her golden mound, my face broke into a wide grin. I was amused by the dew point of her wet cotton panties. Lyra sighed and closed her eyes as my fingers traced gently along her softness.

"" she sighed again and bit her bottom lip while I stared up at her flushed face. Her neck tilted back, exposing her newly healed skin. I could see her pulse beat in excitement.

"Is this your first time?" I asked.

"No." She blushed and breathed harder. "My master has had me before, but it wasn't very...oh god."

She felt my fingers slithered inside her panties and eased it aside. I smiled at her cold slippery wetness that concentrated between her parted legs. The great amount of her nectar dripped and coated my hand within seconds.

This innocent-looking human girl did know how to work herself for me, and that made me feel even more wickedly amused.

"I'm afraid I'm not quite patient today," I warned Lyra. "Let's just see how long you could handle me."

Claire's voice called from another table, "By the look on her face, I bet she won't last three minutes." I turned my head to her. She had a glass of wine in one hand while her other hand was grabbing a mob of brunette hair of another girl kneeling between her opened thighs.

"Look away, pervert," I said.

Estella laughed. She had just finished feeding on a healthy-looking boy. A daze look lingering on his face made me a bit worried that he might die, but I knew it was stupid to care. This wasn't my first orgy with those lusty bloodsuckers, and I was just one of them.

I turned back and smiled at Lyra, who now desperately wanted my invasion of her sweet territory.

"Let's play this game then, shall we?" I said. Lyra's eyes sparkled with wanton needs. It made me pity her a little.

I began to pull off her shirt, following by supple kisses on her soft glowing skin. Goosebumps spread across the area of her creamy chest once my cold lips made contact with her warm body.

When her pale breasts were bared, I devoured them to the point she couldn't suppress her moans. She didn't even notice her panties were being shredded and slipped away until I fished it out from under her short skirt.

Lyra gasped and latched onto my shoulders for balance. She ran her fingers through my golden locks then looked down at her right nipple being softly tugged between my lips and teeth.

I could hear her heart making excited skips from my teasing and devouring. Her breath hovered.

"Ready?" I asked with a soft, playful grin. The tips of my fingers slowly but surely pressed into her sensitive garden, exploring and teasing my way through her soppy petals.

Lyra's heaving chest temporarily halted. Her eyes watered from the pleasures. Lyra was already near begging, but she tried to bite her lips.

"No holding back now, sweet Lyra," I giggled against her aching breasts.

Then I tightened my arm around her small waist to secure her, knowing that she was going to have trouble keeping still. As she witnessed the glimmer of mischief in my slightly glowing eyes, the girl began to understand what wickedness I had planned for her. It made the French maiden hesitant for a moment, but it was like a lamb trying to escape from a lioness.

Lyra's frail hands pushed at my shoulders lightly, squirming from a rising sexual panic.

"Wait, Your Highness, I-"

But before she could finish, I grabbed her bum and squeezed hard on her backside, causing her to moan.

And with a gentle but firm push, I slid my fingers into her startled needy gate that was splayed open for my plundering hand. The pads of my fingers brushed that orgasmic region within her depths, causing sparks of pleasure to course through her.

Lyra dropped her jaw with a cry of shock. Her eyes widened once she felt me going to the deepest of her sensual walls. Instinctively, the poor girl tried to get off my lap, but I locked her in with my strong grip.

She was helpless and overwhelmed by the intensity. Her hand absentmindedly grabbed my shirt collar and let out a shaky moan.

"Has she come yet?" Estella called out then she and Jean burst out laughing. They were both drunk and high from blood, I supposed. Claire and a few violet-eyed guests looked on with goofy grins. Such shameless creatures we truly were.

Lyra clenched her teeth and took a deep breath, trying to relax herself. I gave her time to recover.

"I thought she was about to come a moment ago, but no...not yet," I replied with a slight shrug.

"She's a fighter after all," Claire commented and chuckled with the others. I leaned forward to Lyra's reddened face and looked into her dazed eyes.

"You will discover a whole new universe within yourself if this is done right," I whispered. "And trust me, I know how to do it right...over and over again."

The girl shivered at my words. She managed to beg in a hoarse whisper, "Your Highness, please, be gentle."

With that I stirred my fingers inside her softness, exciting her even more. Lyra clung to my shoulders and buried her face in my neck like a shy little child.

Her hips bucked and shuddered from the blissful sensation between her legs. I could sense spark after spark of firework eruptions fired up much too soon. Lyra moaned.

I hardly moved my hand, just merely allowed my slippery fingers to do the magic inside her wonderland.

Lyra gasped again when she felt her walls began to ripple in ecstasy. A flood of slippery juice dripped onto my palm, all sweet and delicious.

As her heart pounded faster in my ears and her moans became more frequent, I knew I had found all her pleasurable triggers and was ready to release an orgasmic blast in her core.

"Ah...she's close," I announced to the on-lookers, showing off to those who were enticed by the view. Some were already in the back, touching themselves as their glowing eyes fixed on us.

Lyra made a whiny sound as shocks came rushing from her feet to her torso. She arched her body from me and threw her head back. Her mouth gasped in the air. The muscles around her hips started clenching and flexing.

A blush colored her soft white skin. All of a sudden her whole body turned bright red.

"Oh god...Your Highness!" Lyra cried. Then I felt a tight grip around my fingers as her walls tightened. Lyra pressed her lips together as if to savor the wonderful sensation. I let her live it all until her climax subsided a few minutes later.

Then the girl went limp and collapsed into my arms again. Her breathing had returned. I smoothed her hair and rubbed her back with a smirk.

"Wow," Jean breathed. His white hand reached up to loosen his bowtie.

"You may rest now, Lyra," I whispered in Lyra's ear and slipped my fingers out of her. She winced and whimpered softly. After wiping my hand clean, I was handed a glass of Champaign, but before I took a sip, a familiar male's voice spoke.

"Grand Duchess Anastasiya."

I looked up to find a pale man in a black suit in front of me.

"Oh," I said. "Long time no see, Victor."

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