Chapter 5

We boarded my private jet, getting ready to fly back to Moscow before dawn. It was a long boring flight. Over the years, I had found ways to deal with boredom, but as of now, they didn't seem appealing anymore.

Fortunately, Jean-Phillip had given me a few presents to amuse myself with during the trip-two human girls and a human boy. Among them was Lyra, the little beauty I seemed to grow fond of ever since the lustful night in Versaille. The French royal had insisted on seeing me off, but I refused with a promise that we would meet again in the near future. The nephew of King Louis was a fun company after all.

Victor didn't bother me with any boring details of the Council's matters though he could have done so. For now, he just left me alone. I knew it wouldn't be long until I was bombarded with responsibilities. This gave me more reason to enjoy myself with Lyra while I still could.

Claire and her sister had satisfied themselves with the gifts. I could see them laying naked on the back seats. They had pleaded to come along just because it was Moscow I was heading to.

The plane would land in a matter of two hours. I looked out of the window at the once azure skies of Russia. For a moment, I almost thought I had missed the land and its turbulent past, but the memories that were haunting me in every waking moment forced the sentiment to go away. In all honesty, I did not want to return.

I sipped the whiskey slowly and put the glass down.

A few minutes later, my seatmate stirred in my arms. Lyra lifted her head from my chest and looked up at me with hazy green eyes. She was tired from the fun moments we had at the beginning of the flight, and I let her rest, making sure that she hadn't exceeded her human limits.

"Your Highness, you look kind of tired," she commented, eyeing my face. "Do you want to drink from me?"

"Call me Anastasia," I told Lyra without looking at her. "No need to be formal."

Lyra swallowed hard and murmured a soft 'sorry.' I tore my gaze from the window and stared at the human girl.

"That's alright," I said. "You don't have to be afraid of me."

She nodded and remained quiet again. Lyra reminded me a bit of someone. And before I knew it, my alcohol-induced mind made me think of her again.

I let my arm drop to Lyra's smooth thigh. She opened her eyes again and looked at me. My hand started stroking under her short skirt. Lyra blushed and her legs parted even further apart as she turned slightly. My hand traveled up her inner thigh and went past her cotton panties.

As I moved further up her body, she raised her hips a little off the seat and slid down a bit to make herself more accessible. I reached down there and slid through her panties, stretching it away from her skin and stroking over the soft smooth surface that began to heat up with lust.

Lyra moaned softly as her heart pounded. She arched her back a little, pressing back into my hand. I rubbed my fingers gently over her hot slippery folds and sensitive rosebud. Lyra made a little sound under the blanket. Then I turned my body towards her, feeling the heat from her core on my palm.

"Your Highness..." Lyra whimpered.

"I told you to call me Anastasia," I said while rubbing circles around her sensitive heaven with my slimy fingertips. Then I leaned in and wrapped my lips over Lyra's gasping mouth. Her small hips moved, instinctively rolling to the rhythm of my touch. I could feel the soft, pouty flesh of her outer lips yield to every pressure. The sweet-scented juice seeped from her sex, and I felt it dripping onto the seat. The dampness continued to soak through, and the void inside her kept getting warmer with juices that were starting to wet my probing hand.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling of our dancing tongues. The human blooming scent and sweet arousal coming out of Lyra almost made my memory come back afresh. The nostalgic sensation began to rage through my being, it was as if I was reliving the moment again.

I went up and grasped Lyra's underwear. She raised her hips so I could slide them down her knees. There was just enough stretch in them for her to part her legs now. I moved back and tease her tiny pearl with my fingers and her slippery swollen flesh. Lyra let out a moaning sound. Her warm hands blindly caressed my body from underneath my silk dress.

Dipping for the first time into her juice-filled core, I wet my fingers and went back to tweaking her little hot pearl. Lyra's hips bucked slightly as the hardness mounted under the tips of my fingers. I started parting her lovely petals, spreading them as much as space allowed. I then slipped two of my fingers all the way inside. They slid through her easily and up to their base. I curled them upward, searching for the round flesh of her orgasmic spot. And once I found it, Lyra's entire body shook, and she gasped out loud, unable to hold it in anymore.

I could feel her warm sensitive walls clenching, squeezing my fingers together with a new flood of juices. As she came, Lyra's body writhed in her seat from a shocking pleasure. It was too quick and unexpected for the little human girl, but I wasn't done with her yet.

I pressed a bit more upward, faintly teasing inside her heated depths, and soon her muscles tensed once again.

Lyra could barely catch her breath anymore. Lyra began buckling slightly on the seat as I kept teasing the area that would trigger yet another explosion. With my free hand, I pulled her long shapely legs further apart, hanging them over the armrests.

In less than a minute, Lyra buried her face into my shoulder and shook uncontrollably as another wave of climax burst through her. I made her come for the third time without much of a break.

Then I stayed still with my fingers still inside her.

The eruptions began to take a toll on Lyra, and I started to wonder if she could pass out from too much pleasure. It made me curious to find out. My head leaned in for another deep kiss again after we broke off to let Lyra gasp in the much-needed air. My fingers were still massaging her inside, ready to release her again.

"Your High...Anastasia..." Lyra whimpered in a trembling voice, her eyes were pleading. "Please...I don't want to come again...please...stop...I can't take it."

I inserted my tongue into her mouth to shut her up. Lyra moaned with a mixture of desperation and dreadfulness. She dreaded the pleasure that left her weightless and out of control, empty even. But she was desperate to find release. Her chest heaved harder. Her body tensed and her face contorted as if in pain.

Lyra was overstimulated with the heightened sensation I was giving her. She was too sensitive and knew she could stand it no more. Just as her orgasm subsided, I stroked over her tingling area again, and everything sparked back to life.

Lyra's face almost looked as if she was pleading. She rose from the seat and wrapped her arms around my neck. She dug her fingernails into my shoulders like she was afraid the raid of pleasures would wash her consciousness away this time.

Within seconds, Lyra seemed to be peaking and reaching towards the edge of oblivion. Her walls began to twitch for a moment and then they came crashing down on me. I made sure to help her ride the blissful sensation to its fullest.

Lyra let out a pitiful cry.

The little beauty clamped her legs together with my hand still between them and went stiff. Until it was all over, she collapsed back on the seat in pending exhaustion.

Then Lyra's hands clasped over mine which was still inside her as if begging me to stop doing it to her any more. She was barely making another sound, but her green eyes darkened and glazed over. The girl took a sharp intake of air and started panting heavily. Her still shuddering form looked vulnerable and defenseless.

While my eyes kept staring at her, I smoothed the sweat beaten hair from her forehead and kissed her lips in pity, just so Lyra would relax enough to let me remove my hand out of her. Then she curled up into a ball and started to cry. Her sobbing was a sign of relief and her body's response to the aftershock. I gathered the girl into my arms again.

"Now you know I'm not the perfect princess you once thought," I whispered softly.

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