Chapter 12

I woke up stiffly in the corner as the running truck came to a halt. The engine noise that had damned me throughout the restless night suddenly stopped.

I bit my lips to minimize the flaring pain and forced myself to sit up. Then the heavy metal doors screeched open dryly.

A burst of white light poked my hazy eyes. I winced and averted my face. My wounds had finally closed up, but the raw anguish still roamed my body like biting bugs.

My silk shirt was ruined by sticky blood and now clung to my flesh. My injuries would take a few more hours in order to heal back to normal, yet I doubted that the Hunters would let me live to see another day.

I heard them barking orders at each other for a few seconds before I realized what was happenin

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Roberta Porter
Take a bow, you clearly have a God given talent that you have graciously shared with the world. Thank you...

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