Chapter 15

The feeling of warmth and contentment I had from last night still enveloped me. Stretching myself on the bed, I blindly grabbed the familiar angelic form under the blanket. A smile curved itself on my lips when my eyes opened and gazed down Avery's smooth naked back. She lay on my chest with one of her hands placed nicely on my left breast.

"You're awake now, Alex?" her soft melodious voice said to my surprise.

Her legs shifted around, brushing gently against mine as they got intertwined. I ran my fingers over her smooth silken skin. Avery slowly lifted her face to look at me with a smile. Her bright violet eyes pierced through the early dawn. I gave a sleepy smile back. She pecked me on my lips and butterfly kisses all over my face and my exposed chest. I gathered her back into me and tightened my hold around her body.

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