Being woken up by crying as I wake up, I notice that the crying was coming from one baby so moving my half-sleep body towards the baby to run into a body, when I smell who I ran into, both my vampire and dragon go crazy which tells me it's my mate. Kissing her forehead before grabbing our other son and trying to get him to stop crying much isn't really working until I feel Faye taking the baby and putting our other one in my arms as she feeds him. Just as she gets done feeding our Michael, Jay and Valentina come in.

"Wow, I'm surprised you 're up, sis.", Jay says.

"Haha, hilarious.", she states.

Jay sticks out his tongue while she hands Michael over to him before saying, "Make yourself useful."

Holding a laugh at his face, but didn't go unheard from the two werewolves; q

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