We began sniffing the air as we realized that there are three other packs here to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We continued walking towards the pack house and we ended up running into the alpha from the Silverblood pack; they're well-known for being the best trackers in any pack. We bow to the alpha real quick before continuing onward.

“Omegas aren’t supposed to be in the pack house unless they’re with a werewolf. Those two people are not werewolves.”, the alpha tells us.

“Sorry sir, but one, I’m not an omega, and two, it’s rude to assume that someone is an omega based on how their body structure is.”, I say as politely as I could.

The alpha just rolls his eyes before he mumbles, “Stupid omega girl. You’ll pay.” We held in our growls of disapproval and rushed toward my room; once there, Christian rapidly let out his thoughts.

“Who does he think he is? He’s nothing special! Nor is his pack1 their wonderful trackers, but they can’t fight to protect their lives. That’s why they’re trying to make us allies.”

Cam and I roll our eyes and continue to change into our party clothes, which are just a blue crop top with a jean skirt along with black boots and a white beanie. We both complement each other- since no one will notice if I’m there or not. I don’t need to worry about being late.

⁑”Faye, you need to come outside along with your friends.”, my dad tells me.⁑

⁑”Yes, alpha.”, I reply.”⁑

“Guys, we need to go outside quickly before my dad kills us.”, I tell them.

Both boys nod in agreement, and we run outside; as we head out, we encounter the alpha from Silverblood along with my pack and a few vampires and dragons as well. The closer we got to everyone, we could see my dad wasn’t thrilled along with my mother, which isn’t a surprise when it’s towards me. Holding back from rolling my eyes; as I quickly make my way in front of my parents.

“Alpha Damiel told us you were disrespectful.”, my mother tells me.

“I wasn’t disrespecting him. He was the one who called me an omega, and all I did was explain to him I wasn’t. It’s rude to assume that someone is an alpha or omega based on their body structure. I did this all while speaking as politely as I could.”, I explained to them.

“He is the alpha of Silverblood and you must respect him-”

“Alpha Daniel, is that true?”, our alpha asks.


“Don’t lie, alpha Daniel.”, my dad interrupts him.

“So what if it is?”, he snaps.

“My daughter is the future beta of this pack.”, he tells him.

“And? All that means is she is second in command, nothing more.”, he says before continuing, “And besides, your son and daughter will marry my children. So your daughter is going to have-”

I pinned alpha Daniel to the ground as I’m snarling at him. Baring my teeth, I give him the same threat I’ve given to my brother. “Don’t underestimate me. My brother and I will not marry your children under any circumstance.” then add, “Your pack needs us more than we need you; our alpha is only being kind to you, so I suggest you hold your tongue unless you want to ruin what little you have going for you.”

The tension was so thick that you could cut it with a butter knife; Jay came out of the house with a bunch of girls around him and two under his arms.

“Let’s get this party started!”, Jay yells.

While rolling my eyes, I head straight to the farthest table away from everyone. I notice that Christian and Cam are dancing together. Meanwhile, Mabel was flirting up a storm with most of the older males. I could sense that someone was standing directly behind me, so I let out a low growl letting them know; the person ended up springing more, which is the witches’ family; I was about to apologize for growling, but the elder witch puts her hand out and shakes her head. Placing my head downward as I lead them to the alpha; suddenly, the music stops and everyone turns towards us. Once I’m a foot away from my dad, I speak.

“Alpha, the witches from the Silver-lake coven.”

“Why, thank you. Step to the side.”, he tells me.

Quickly moving to the side, I take notice of each witch to see a girl maybe a few years older than me, looking at my brother with absolute disgust. Please don’t tell me he screwed her.

“Why are you dancing with those whores?!”, the girl screams at my brother.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?”, he asks her.

“No. But I bet your wolf does.”, she says with a smirk.

“He’s your mate, Valentina?!”, another witch asks.

“Yes, he’s my mate, mother.”, Valentina tells her mom.

Both our eyes go wide; we’re so screwed- witches have the choice to either mess with the pack or just their mate. It just depends on the witch and by the way, Valentina screamed at my brother, our pack could very much be in grave danger if these witches decide to put a curse on us. It was silent for a moment until she spoke, “What shall I ever do?”

“Valentina, reject that poor excuse of a mate and curse this disgusting pack.”, her mother states in the background.

Without thinking, “Wait! I understand that you’re pissed at him, but instead of rejecting him and putting a curse on our pack. Why don’t you make him work for your love?”

I surprised my entire pack just as much as I was; it didn’t seem like my comments were something her mother wasn’t thrilled and not long after she disappeared. I slightly keep my guard up, because witches dislike any creature who can’t let their guards down since they like they are plotting something against them. I blinked my eyes and the next thing I know, her mother lifts me off the ground and chokes me.

“How dare a sorry excuse of a beta talk to my daughter like that! She deserves the most trustworthy, loyal, compassionate, and loving mate!” “Die, you worthless wolf!”. She continues to scream at me.

I sense my mate in the area, who’s about to come to rescue me. But I made a choice that probably just saved my life- “DON’T! If you show yourself, they WILL KILL YOU!”, I yell out. Tears keep falling down my face- “NO ONE DESERVES TO LIVE WITHOUT THEIR MATE!”, I shouted.

I fell to the ground with Valentina standing right next to me. “Are you okay? I’m sincerely sorry for what my mother did. I will try to give him a second chance. And I so sincerely apologize for the hardship you and your mate will be facing.”, she states despairingly.

I just give her a sorrowful smile; I can’t change who my mate is, and I don’t want to. If I must, I’ll suffer if it means he gets to stay alive. Still feeling my mate’s presence, I slowly get on my feet with the help of Valentina as I’m looking straight at my mate, I mouth, “I love you.” he mouths it back.

Tears fall down my face as I hold in the urge to scream before making a mad dash for my room; I hear three pairs of feet following me. But I couldn't care less.

“Valentina, why are you follow-”

“Let her go, she knows more than you.”

Making it into the pack house and running up the stairs, straight into my room- I plunge face-first into my bed and let out a scream while sobbing.


The broken screams that were coming from me pierced the hearts of vampires, werewolves, and dragons, and any other who’s close by. A soft voice tries to get me off my pillow; “Faye, dear, could you let go of your pillow and talk to us?”

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