This time I did roll my eyes as I gave him a hard glare; before I could even give him a death stare, I felt my body shaking. All of a sudden, immense pain started flowing in my body uncontrollably. It felt as if I was stabbed in the chest multiple times. I couldn’t hold it in.   Both my dragon and vampire side along with my human side let out a deafening  roar, “HRAH!”

Falling to the ground while holding my torso; I couldn’t stop, it wouldn’t stop. All around me, it felt like a natural disaster struck down randomly. The whole cave started to shake, forcing many people to fall to the ground. This insurmountable pain courses through my entire body. What is happening to me?! Why won’t this stop?!

“Bear the pain a little longer please.”, My vampire, Zaff says.

I mentally answer him as I try to keep my vision from blacking out but my dragon, Dikais says, “It’s alright , Kevin. Just let it happen.” Before I could respond to his blasphemy, I blacked out. 

⁕I woke up in this meadow, filled with never ending grass. It was the same meadow where I met my mate for the first time.  As I looked around, I began to realize that this one looks completely different somehow.  There was something about this place that seemed off. It’s hard to explain… it just didn’t feel right.  I continued to wait if I could see anyone; as I roamed around,  I felt someone behind me. Thankfully Zaff and Dikais stood there, looking calm and collected.  They waved their arms frantically in my direction  with gigantic smiles on their faces. I gave them confused looks since I didn’t understand until I smelled my mate. I quickly began following the sweet smell and I saw her next to her werewolf and someone new; Zaff and Dikais grab me and lead me to them. My mate gave me a big smile before running into my arms; it felt so real, tears started to fall.  Both Zaff and Dikais were hugging my mate’s werewolf. After the touching reunion, the other person begins to talk.

“Hello, Kevin. I do apologize for making you and Faye go through the pain, but I must speak with the two of you.” 

“What do you mean, moon goddess?”, Faye asks.

“It’s simple my dear, you will end up being pregnant as time goes on. On the second attempt of pregnancy, you two won't be able to be in their life.”, the moon goddess tells us.

“So what you are saying is we will have kids in the future, but we are supposed to not take care of them?”, Faye asks disturbingly. 

“Precisely. You must acknowledge that this is for the best.  You aren’t fully aware of the power that lies within you. You may be a beta right now, but in reality, you will end up becoming the queen of the vampdragons. Your mate will stand proudly as a king in his own right, but his  father will not be informed of this information. Not until you turn eighteen at that, but no matter who has the title, they won’t gain any powers.”, she explains to us.

“So, can we be together or not?”, I ask.

“Yes and no.”, she replies.


“In a sense, we can be together. But,  because of our second child, we can’t be together.”, Faye says.

“Correct!”, she says happily.

“Why us?”, I ask.

“Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll let your sides explain it.”, she says while turning toward our creatures.

“Right, Faye, my name is Zaff and I’m Kevin’s vampire.”

“I’m Dikais, and I’m his dragon.”

“Hello, Kevin, my name is Alina.”

“We are… we are descendents… from the first vampdragon werewolf mates.”, they say excitedly.

Me and Faye stay completely silent  as we wait for them to continue. “This may come as a shocker, but please ask questions at the end.”, Zaff tells us.

“Like we said before, we're descendants from the first vampdragon werewolf mate. I know this is hard to digest. None of you know about them because they took it out of history books a long time ago.”, Alina continues.

“There have been multiple attempts from the previous mates to have a kid. At one point, they were able to have a kid. But unfortunately, the child passed away at an early age. Once everyone found out that there was an attempt to have a mixed breed, many have tried and failed. The vampdragons and werewolves would kill their own.”, Dikais says.

“We know exactly what you two are wondering. Why does it have to be us? Why can’t we just be together with our mates?  And that answer is because of yourselves.”, they say together.

I gave them a puzzling look.   Suddenly, a whole bunch of weird  text started floating in the air; it reads: Wa faal future vampdragon ahrk werewolf's mate; mu hope hi fen sizaan better luck than mu drey. Til los ful pogaas mu lassdilok wa fun hi, nuz let's start nol faal beginning- dii name los martin ahrk zu'u'm aan vampdragon while dovahi's name los dikais ahrk dii vampire name los zaff. Dii mate's name los agatha, ahrk rek's aan werewolf. Ek werewolf name los alina; throughout faal ervosse vampdragons ahrk werewolves could neh kos together, nuz zu'u wanted tol wa change. Ful zu'u set out wa look fah dii mate. Agatha wasn’t dii diist mate; ko reality, nii sizaan aan woman wo goes naal valeena, wo sizaan aan witch. Nuz rek falls ko love voth aan werewolf; zu'u wasn’t mad ahst ek, nuz nii sucked tol zu'u wouldn’t sizaan aan mate erei rek gave zu'u faal werewolf’s wuth mate. Nii thrilled zu'u wa sizaan aan mate again, ful zu'u searched fah niin; nii took zu'u pogaan tikke, ahrk rul zu'u siiv ek; rek sizaan aan werewolf, nuz zu'u didn’t hah. Mu had lots do difficulties since ek tah hated vampdragons; mal naal mal, mu could kos together. Tol sizaan erei rek spaan pregnant; everyone wanted wa mindok if nust sizaan aan vampdragon uv aan werewolf, nuz neh if nust sizaan ney, which fah mu sizaan bad because nust constantly kriaan un babies. Agatha spaan kotin despair ahrk soon mindin rek kriaan herself. Mindin weeks, zu'u followed behind nol aan krent heart. Faal witch tol sizaan originally dii mate told zu'u aan qostiid: aan goraan vampdragon ahrk aan goraan werewolf fen mah ol mates ahrk nust fen sizaan kirre, nuz nust won’t kos able wa raise gein do niin since nust sizaan ney. Nuz because nust couldn’t raise niin, nust grew wa koraav pah creatures ol equals, ahrk nol til nust changed faal lein. (To the future vampdragon and werewolf's mate; we hope you will have better luck than we did. There is so much we need to tell you, but let's start from the beginning- My name is Martin and I'm a vampdragon, while my dragon's name is Dikais and my vampire’s name is Zaff. My mate's name is Agatha, and she's a werewolf. Her werewolf name is Alina; throughout the years vampdragons and werewolves could never be together, but I wanted that to change. So, I set out to look for my mate. Agatha wasn’t my first mate; in reality, it was a woman who goes by Valeena, who was a witch. But she fell in love with a werewolf; I wasn’t mad at her, but it sucked that I wouldn’t have a mate until she gave me the werewolf’s old mate. It thrilled me to have a mate again, so I searched for them; it took me many months, and when I found her; she was a werewolf, but I didn’t mind. We had lots of difficulties since her pack hated vampdragons; little by little, we could be together. That was until she fell pregnant; everyone wanted to know if they were a vampdragon or a werewolf, but never if they were both, which for us was bad because they constantly killed our babies. Agatha fell into despair and soon after she killed herself. After weeks, I followed behind from a broken heart. The witch that was originally my mate told me a prophecy:

A young vampdragon and a young werewolf will fall as mates and they will have children, but they won’t be able to raise one of them since they were both. But because they couldn’t raise them, they grew to see all creatures as equals, and from there they changed the world.)

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