Not long after, the moon goddess, as Faye calls her, speaks.

“You may wonder why you could read that text since it wasn’t in English. That is because it’s your native tongue, which is Dovahzul. Cam, Christian, Valentina, Jaylen, and Rave are the only ones who understand Dovahzul. This reason alone is to help you in the future; I know it’s a lot to take in, but please know that this is the only way.”, she explains.

We’re all quiet as we let it sink in, and once it does, I have tears coming down my face. I couldn’t see Zaff or Dikais, but I know there are tears as well. I can hear footsteps, I was going to let out a growl but once I smelt Faye; I stopped just as she hugs me. I just couldn’t hold back anymore; tears kept falling down my face and before long I’m asleep.⁕

Noticing that I’m in my room, I quickly take a shower and have a quick chat with Zaff and Dikais.

“So, what now?”, I ask them.

“We take a day at a time.”, Dikais says.

“We can start by telling your friends along with that witch girl.”, Zaff explained.

“If Alina heard you, you would’ve gotten smacked..”, Dikais tells Zaff.

I can feel his eyes go wide before he quickly mumbles an apology. I got out of the shower and headed to the kitchen. It just so happens that almost everyone was there staring at me.  Feeling their eyes gaze on me, I tried to ignore them by making my breakfast.  My father calls me over to his table. I already felt awkward as it is with everyone staring at me, now my Dad wants to include me in a conversation with some randos from the pack. 

“Kevin, you’ll be dating Sky. I want you to show her what it’s like to be a luna of a pack.  You can even bring her to the Howlers if you want to.”

I dropped my fork and took my plate full of food and handed it to a kid. I was already fed up with this conversation… and it was only after the first sentence. I jumped out of the cave before anyone could realize.  It’s clear that dating this “Sky” person is not something I’m interested in. One, I’m not dating anyone but Faye, and two, like hell I’m going to bring her to Howlers knowing damn well Faye wouldn’t like another girl around me. As I fly to the Howlers, I see Cam and Christian, so I land near them.

“Wow, you’re here early, but you don’t have your backpack.”Cam muddled. 

“Yeah… well, I would love to chat but I really want to see Faye if that’s cool with you, two.”, I tell them.

They nod their heads in understanding, so I quickly make my way to her room.  I see her sleeping; she looks like an angel. I had to make sure my sweet little angel woke up joyfully. So, I decided to leave my scent around her room. Not that I’m the jealous type or anything; I just want to make sure these pesky males stay away from my beautiful mate. 

“Sure, you’re not.”, Zaff teases me.

“Shut it, Zaff. We’re more territorial now, because of what the moon goddess told us. So I don’t want to hear shit. Plus, being jealous differs completely from being territorial and you know it.”, I say to him.

He says nothing back because he knows I’m right; we decided to leave her room. As we were heading out, we came across   the same witch that followed Faye into the house last night. Glaring at the witch,  she glared right back at me until Cam and Christian came; they looked back and forth at us before grabbing our wrists and dragging us away from Faye’s door.

“Why los hi ziin glaring ahst enook other? (Why are you two glaring at each other?)”, Christian asks us.

“Zu’u’m glaring ahst ek because rek sizaan ahst faye’s miiraad. (I’m glaring at her because she was at Faye’s door.)”, I say, trying not to snap.

“Oh, please. What faal hell sizaan hi doing ko ek room? Rek has aan fucking mate, asshole, ful why drey hi put hin scent pah over ek room! (Oh, please. What the hell were you doing in her room? She has a fucking mate, asshole, so why did you put your scent all over her room?!)”, she says and then asks me.

“Oh, right. Valentina, daar los kevin, Faye's mate. Kevin, daar los valentina, jayden’s mate. (Oh, right. Valentina, this is Kevin, Faye’s mate. Kevin, this is Valentina, Jayden’s mate.)”, Cam says then introduces us.

I nod my head; my patience was tested earlier and I didn’t need some bonehead to tell me who my mate is.   

“Hi; are we done now?”, I ask bluntly.

Christian and Cam nod their heads, so I move to leave when Valentina, as Cam and Christian call her, speaks up.

“Look, I know I’m the last person you want to talk to, but maybe we should try to get along, for Faye’s sake.”

I turn back and glare at her, then I growl out, “Fine, you want us to get along, then find us a way to be together so our parents don’t get pissed.”

Before any of us could say anything, someone said, “Why? You’re a vampdragon and I don’t need you near my pack.” We were all dumbstruck by the voice that appeared out of thin air. It didn’t sound like someone our age… rather, their presence portrayed an older woman was upon us.  All our eyes go wide and we turn around to see Faye’s mother. We all knew that this could spell doom for us. If she wanted to, she could send other creatures in her pack to try and kill us.  I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who gulped extremely loud. Yes, I was very nervous at this point in time. 

“Sorry, Luna. He just wanted to be friends with Faye so it wouldn’t be awkward when he hung out with us.”, Christian explains.

“Look, I dislike you and your mate. The only reason you two are even allowed to be here is because of the alpha, but the alpha said nothing about vampdragons. So, you’re going to need to leave and never come back.”, she says.

Three out of four of us bite our tongues, so we say nothing stupid. Valentina was about to talk, but a male version of Faye did instead. “Mother, stop harassing Faye’s friends. She doesn’t hang out with many people, so the friends she has are the only ones.”

His mother looks at him, and says, “Sweetie, I didn’t know that. Anyway, I can’t wait to meet your mate. Hopefully, they’ll be at breakfast in a few.”

And just like that, Faye’s mother vanished. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frightened.  It could have gone worse; we all let out a huge sigh of relief. “What faal hell sizaan tol? (What the hell was that?)”, he asks.

“Kevin got mad ahst valentina. Ahrk hin monah heard half se conversation. (Kevin got mad at Valentina. And your mother heard half of the conversation.)”, Cam explains.

"Kos more careful; faye doesn’t mindok monah hates vampires ahrk vampdragons uv naan species besides werewolves. Ahrk un monah doesn’t mindok tol faye sizaan faal gein wa convince un alpha wa let non-werewolves kos grah-zeymahzinne. (Be more careful; Faye doesn’t know mother hates vampires and vampdragons or any species besides werewolves. And our mother doesn’t know that Faye was the one to convince our alpha to let non-werewolves be allies.)”, he clarifies. 

There’s more to this than we know. I think it’s time we get a plan in motion. I open my pack link, ⁑“Where are you?”, my mother asks me.⁑

⁑“Out. Why?”, I respond back.⁑

⁑“Your father wanted to know where you were.”, she tells me.⁑

⁑“Tell him that I’ll be there soon.”, I inform my mother.⁑

Ending the link, I turn my attention to everyone, “Hey, guys. I have to go, but I’ll be ready when we get to school.”, I say.

They nod their heads and I head back. OnceI’m back in the air, my mother links me again; ⁑“Yes, mother?”, I ask her.⁑

⁑“Are you heading home?”, she asks.⁑

⁑“Yeah. I’ll be there in a few.”, I tell her.⁑

⁑“Okay, just hurry.”, she says.⁑

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