I can tell that I pissed her off, but honestly, I couldn't care less. I sat at the table just as my brother came bursting in.  He was all sweaty, he smelt like a wet dog that just strolled into some mud; a smirk appeared on my face as I stared at him. I couldn’t help but tease my brother. 

"Yo, Jay! You smell like a wet dog!", I tell my twin while laughing.

Cam and Christian also start laughing; looking out of the corner of my eye, I spot Valentina trying not to laugh.This was perfect to fix her morning.Turning my head in the opposite direction, my twin was sitting there. He doesn't appear to be content, but he does at the same time. Pretty strange, but at least Valentina was delighted.

⁑"I hate you but thank you for making my mate's morning better.", Jay tells me.⁑

⁑"No problem, bro. But I wasn't joking about you smelling like a wet dog.", I tell him.⁑

I ate my breakfast  while my brother went and quickly grabbed a granola bar and headed up to his room. Valentina came and sat next to me while she went through her phone. No one dared to start any shenanigans with her, she is the luna of our pack after all. She has a lot of privileges that she doesn’t even realize. She doesn’t have an annoying brother to deal with daily.  While I was eating, the girl from earlier came walking in; she didn't seem too pleased at all. She acted like she just lost the lottery or something, that’s how angry she looked; this is the last thing anyone wanted to do, she started barking at Valentina, "Is there a reason you're sitting in my mate's chair?" Valentina doesn't even acknowledge her, while the rest of the pack continues to eat; curious to see what would happen, I kept my mouth filled with cereal. The girl looked at me glaringly, and I shot a nasty look right back at her.

"You're the beta, Faye. You can't let anyone but the alpha's mate sit in their seat.", the girl tells me in a whiny, high-pitched voice.

"Yes, and yes.", I say half-heartedly.

"Don't half-heartedly answer me! I am your lu-"

"You are nothing but a bitch who wants to be the luna! Our luna is the girl sitting in the alpha's seat.", I interrupt her while staying calm.

"Actually, she's right Faye.", my mother states.

“Bull; Jay and Valentina are mates. This bitch has no business with my brother.", I state, slightly getting mad.

"I agree with my sister.", Jay says, while coming down the stairs.

The entire pack is now looking at us, along with the witches. Most of them had this angry  look on their faces, like someone just pissed in their cereal bowls; I don't want to deal with this pointless drama. When did our parents arrange this? And why did they keep this to themselves? Were they trying to hide something from my brother and me? Refocusing, "You're not the only one who has a mate. Since you guys are twins, it's only right to have twin mates too.", our mother so kindly puts it.

"Since when did you stop letting our moon goddess decide our mates?", we both ask at the same time.

"My children… I am only doing this for our pack… please understand that. Your fat-"

"No! STOP THIS BELLA! You didn't do this for the pack; you did this out of pure selfishness. You forced our children to go on two different paths;  Faye had the privilege to think about anything she wanted in the kind of way she wanted to, but Jay never had the same opportunity.  You practically allowed him to  have sex with anyone  in the pack just because his mate was doing the same.", our father says, then explains everything.

By this point, I'm furious at our mother, but I know I'm not the only one; my twin and I take a couple of deep breaths to calm ourselves down.  We both opened our mouths but ended up shutting them back after the girl rudely put her input. "Look; I don't know what to tell you, but I'm his mate. Unlike that ugly witch over there; I mean, why would a witch of all things be mated with the alpha? Witches have no value for us ; they just curse us for their satisfaction. Do all of you want to suffer? Do you want to have a bloody curse laid upon the whole back just so we can give them pleasure? 

There were a bunch of no's, while a few tried to grab Valentina,  I let out a loud growl. "Stand down!"  "NOW!" Everyone turned their attention to us. "Witches do contain some value for us,  especially the ones who have healing abilities. We wouldn’t be able to have certain remedies if it wasn’t for them. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she cursed us after what you guys just pulled.", I say bluntly.

"I agree with our beta; you showed her that our pack isn't open-minded to have different species in our pack, let alone be allies with them. You are just fueling the fire, allowing them to have  more reasons to become our enemies rather than our affiliates  ; supported allies are supposed  to have mutual trust between both sides, but you guys seem too ignorant to reach a simple agreement. , Jay  explains.

"We don't deserve to have them as our allies, let alone ask them for  help. We will break all ties with other species until you guys can accept them as equals. They will not assist  us in any stretch of the imagination if they feel like they are being degraded. After all, I wouldn’t wish to aid an “ally” who talks down upon me. We must not belittle the witches.”  , we talk together.

"Now, as your Alpha, I don’t wish to see any of your faces in the next few minutes. I want all of you out! There will be an important meeting tomorrow with the entire pack. But for now, I must speak with  Alpha, Luna, Faye, Cam, Christian, Valentina, and Kevin  after school in the alpha's office.", Jay says.

We nod our heads and head out; making our way outside, Christian turns into a dragon while Valentina summons her broom. Cam and I hop  on Christian’s back and Jay is with Valentina; we continued to fly, but I didn't recognize where we were heading so I asked, ⁑"Christian, where are we going?"⁑

⁑"To my pack. I figured we could grab your boyfriend, so he didn't have to go with our pack.", he tells me.⁑

I nodded my head , even though he couldn't see me. As we were flying around, there was a strong aroma that filled the air. I smelt my mate, so without thinking, I jumped off.  Out of pure shock, Christian and Cam screamed  "FAYE!" It didn’t faze me at all, falling down hundreds of feet.  I just smile as my mate catches me on his back; turning back to Cam, I apologized for the random skydive. .My adventurous side took over, there’s nothing much I can do about that. But I was mentally prepared for the ear full I'll be receiving.

⁑"Love, I know you're excited to see me but please don't scare your friends.", Kevin tells me.⁑

⁑"Sorry, I just missed you. Oh, my brother wants a meeting with us after school.", I tell him while leaning closer to his back."⁑

My eyes were really heavy after that, I couldn’t keep them open. I must have been exhausted from falling high up in the air. Falling asleep until I felt Kevin shift,  I opened my eyes to see we're in the woods. They happened to be from behind the school, so  we walked forward  into the school. A ton of eyes were glued on me and my mate as we started getting closer. I hate  being the center of attention. I always try to avoid standing out no matter where I’m at. It makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and agonizing. My brother lets out a low growl, but it quickly gets louder before anything could happen. Valentina kissed him, wanting to claim my brother in front of everybody. She could have at least done that when I was away from them. But at the same time, Cam and I couldn't contain our excitement; we were squealing at them like they were cute puppies at a pet store. Christian and my mate were both shaking their heads in embarrassment while dragging us away; once they were no longer in my sight, I stopped struggling against Kevin. Something didn't feel right, so I turned around to see these twins glaring at me;

 I sent one back, even scarier, forcing them to let out a small scream as they ran away.

“Faye, what was that all about?”, Cam asks me.

“Just some twins staring at me. I had to send one back… to let them know not to mess with me.”, I explained..

“So, you saw Shay and Sky?”, Kevin and Christian said.

“Who?”, Cam and I asked.

“Shay and Sky are the two sluts in our pack. I can’t stand them.” Kevin said disgruntled.

“All they want to do is steal mates from others for their own benefits.”, Christian stated.

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