I hummed and continued to fly home; once I landed, I saw both my parents waiting for me. Taking a deep breath before heading over there, I couldn’t help but think this is going to be a long and dreadful  conversation. 

“Why did you leave the cave?”, my father asked; getting straight to the point.

“Am I not supposed to leave? I have friends outside the cave, you know.”, I told him.

“Where did you go?”, my mother asks.

“To the Howlers.”, I answered.

“Christian is just a dragon and you're a vampdragon. Did you forget?”, both of them sounding displeased.

“No, I didn’t forget that I’m a bloody vampdragon!”, I snapped at them.

Walking away was the best option for me, so that’s what I did. I can hear Christian wanting to mind link me, so I opened it; “So do you want to fly today?”, he asks.

⁑“Hell yeah!”, vocalizing my excitement.⁑

I made it to my room and  flipped onto my bed.  There was a strong aroma coming from the other side of my room. But, I knew exactly what it was. It didn’t take long to smell the sluts, letting out a warning. They didn't listen, like usual, and let themselves in.  Somewhat holding my anger back as I asked, “What do you two want?”

“We want nothing from you, Alpha. Your father requests that you must look  out for us at school since we’ll be having the same classes.”, they both announce at the same time.

Rolling my eyes as I nodded my head, indicating to them to get out; once they left, I used my spare time   to start forming a plan with Zaff and Dikais.

⁑“ How many creatures didn’t like Martin and Agatha being together?”, I asks.⁑

⁑“Um… it was mostly the werewolves and the vampdragons… and maybe some witches.”, Dikais says.⁑

⁑“The best thing that can happen is for you and Faye to have kids and hope that one of them is the hybrid mixed.”, Zaff says.⁑

⁑“ You do realize that’s going to take years.”, Dikais states.⁑

⁑“He’s not wrong, Zaff.”, I say.⁑

Before Dakais had a chance to open his big mouth  we smelled our mate from above the clouds. She smelled like beautiful flowers that bloomed in the Spring. My only natural instinct was to follow her,but of course my father had to stop me. I paid very little attention as he spoke trying to sound graceful, “Shay and Sky will go with you.”, he says.

“Do I have a choice in this matter?”, I asked bluntly.

“No, they are your mates and you need to show them that you wa-”

“They aren’t my mates and quite frankly, I don’t care.”, I say interrupting him.

Running out of the cave and shifting midway, I couldn’t help but think of how that conversation left a bad taste in my mouth; I flew up towards everyone when I heard Cam screaming Faye’s name fearfully like she was in grave danger. Just as I was about to link them, I saw her. Catching her and say ⁑“Love, I know you’re excited to see me but please don’t scare your friends.”, I tell her.⁑

⁑“Sorry, I just missed you. Oh, my brother wants a meeting with us after school.", she tells me while leaning closer to my back.

Faye fell asleep shortly after giving her friends a heart attack. I couldn’t even be mad at her if I tried, she is such a beautiful mate. We made it to the woods behind the school, and Faye woke up when she felt me shift. As we started to get closer to the front of the school, I quickly noticed everyone staring at me; out of the corner of my eye, I saw that  Faye was uncomfortable. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention.   Before I could do anything about it, Jay let out a low growl. It gradually gets louder over time. But before anything could happen; Valentina kissed him. Cam and Faye were squealing like little children, so Christian and I both shook our heads in disgust and dragged them away.  Once we were out of sight,  Faye stopped struggling so I let her go. I noticed the twins glaring at her. Before I knew it, they both were screaming and running away from us.It didn’t give me a chance to talk some sense into their thick skulls.  

“Faye, what was that all about?”, Cam asks her.

“Just some twins staring at me. I had to send one back... to let them know not to mess with me. ”, she claimed.

“So, you saw Shay and Sky?”,Christian and I say.

“Who?”, Cam and Faye ask.

“Shay and Sky are the two sluts in our pack. I can’t stand them.” I said disgruntled

“All they want to do is steal mates from others for their own benefits.”, Christian stated.

Something tells me that Alina is  pissed for whatever reason. I knew because she gripped my hand tightly and flung me towards her. I have no clue why she is so angry all of a sudden. Is it that hard to have some peace and quiet around here?    As we continued walking to the front office, all the girls were giving her glares and she simply ignored them all; at the office, I took notice that the third couple were already there, plus the twins. 

What is she doing with you?”, they ask.

“Who? Oh… you're talking about my girlfriend.”, I tell them.

They stared at me like I’ve grown two heads or something. They are too clueless to understand a simple joke. Rolling my eyes, Valentina quickly handed me my schedule.As I was leaving the office, I decided to head to my locker. There was something that was drawing me into some random locker close to mine. It smelled like Cam; Cam grabs three textbooks  and hands one to Faye, then to his mate. But, Christian took both textbooks before walking away. Faye decides to hold her textbook in her hands and put them behind her back  as she follows Christian. They got pretty far from us. As soon as Cam realizes, he bolts through the hallway to try and catch up with them. ; the rest of us just casually follow behind. We make it to history where Faye becomes tense, so I ran up and gave her a hug ; her body began to relax. Faye heads towards her seat. While someone is sitting on her right, there is an open seat to her left ; I follow right behind her. Once I’m there, I can hear her and the person next to her speaking.

“Faye, who’s the cutie?”

“Who?”, she asks.

“The new guy. He’s a cutie and a hottie; is he single? Nevermind, I’ll find out.”, the girl says.

“Maple, he’s dating someone one.”, my mate states.

I stayed quiet as I sat there. Maple as Faye calls her, looks at me before sending me a flirty smile. “Oh come on, Faye. We both know he’ll break up with his girl just to be with me.”, Maple says then states.

Faye doesn’t say anything but that doesn’t stop Zaff and Dikais from disliking her. Before I could think of something, Faye’s link with her wolf is open so I listen in.

⁑“What if she’s right, Alina?”, she says.⁑

⁑“Kevin isn’t going to break up with you because he wants to date Maple.”, Alina states.⁑

⁑“Do you remember all the guys I either liked or dated ended up falling for her?”, she asks Alina.⁑

⁑“Yeah, I remember.”, Alina says softly.

Without thinking all three of us spoke, ⁑“We’re not leaving you. You're our mate and we love you, not her. She can give me all the flirtiest looks, but she’ll never have our hearts.⁑

She tried to hide her face like a turtle moving its head back to its shell. It would have been quite rude to simply ignore her, so I gave her a soft smile. I softly grabbed her hand to show her my gentle side.  None of them say anything until Cam notices. First, he gets Christian to look, then Valentina, and then Jay. Jay gives me a dirty look like he would have killed me right then and there. I knew what he wanted me to do, but I didn’t feel like it.  He stops staring at me and he grabs his mate’s hand; Cam ends up squealing, which makes Faye hide her face. Cam’s squeal ended up alluring the rest of the class, they followed his glance to see our hands. Before anyone could say anything, Maple let the whole class  know of her presence

“So, what’s your name, hottie?”, she asks.

“Kevin. And please, don’t call me hottie.”, I tell her.

“Kevin. So Kevin, what's your last name?”, she asks.

“That’s for me to know and you not to know.”, I state bluntly.

“Don’t be like that, Kevin. You’re hot and I’m hot, everyone knows we’ll end up-”

“ENOUGH! I don’t want to talk to you. I already told you that I am not single. I am dating Faye. So do yourself a favor and leave her and me alone, NOW!”, I snapped.

The room became dead quiet.. Zaff, Dikais, and I were very upset  that we didn’t notice our wings; Faye squeezed my hand, but I didn't look over at her since the bitch is on the other side. “Baby, don’t be like th-”

“I hope you die in whatever hellhole you decided to come out of and I hope I never see you again! Fuck off before I rip your head off!”

“Kevin, Zaff, and Dikais, you guys need to calm down. Your wings are out; please calm down for me.”, Faye tells us.

We couldn’t keep our composure even if we wanted to, so she ended up kissing me. That made Zaff and Dikais mellow down a bit while it calmed me down. My wings fall back down now that I can recollect myself. My affection for Faye goes far beyond the stars that shine above.  Once she pulls away, she gives me a small smile and I give her one back.

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