After kissing her hand our teacher comes in and he notices the heavy tension so he quickly puts notes on the board; as we’re writing notes the tension is less and so he teaches.

“So, how many of you know about the first war of supernatural creatures?”, the teacher asks.

Cam, Christian, Valentina, and I raise our hands; he nods his head before he turns his attention to the board. He writes and speaks at the same time; “The first war vampires, dragons, and witches were on the same side against werewolves, fairies/faeries, and mermaids. Understandable vampires hate werewolves, which isn’t a surprise, but dragons didn’t; knowing these werewolves tried to get dragons to see their side of the story, but when the werewolves told them what happened, dragons became furious and they agreed with the vampires.”

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