Jackson doesn’t let her go, which pisses us off. “Get your hands off our girl! NOW!”, we say while growling. He lets her go out of fear while he and Malcolm run off, Faye comes in front of me, making sure that our eyes were on her before she got on her tippy toes and kissed us. Before she could fully go down, we kissed her hard but passionately; she also kissed us back with the same amount of passion. Someone pulled us apart, and we just lost it; “Give us our mate back!”, we say, growling. We try to calm down, but all we can smell is Jackson’s scent all over what’s ours. We see her come in front of us and she softly smiles- ⁑“Love, I’m safe.”, she says.⁑

⁑“We know but it’s just hard when Jackson’s scent is all over you.”, we say slightly growling.⁑

⁑“So, why don’t yo

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