I continued to watch my mate interact with Cam and a few other students. Zaff wasn’t too happy about her being around those boys but once we got a smell and we found out that they were humans, so he calmed down. I was about to speak to Faye but their teacher hands me two sheets with our lines; glancing over the lines, the first sheet is when Romeo and Juliet first met- “Now everyone, when you’re saying your lines, make sure you have the right emotions. Which person in line will read one line then the next will read one line and so on.”, the teacher says, “Now, let’s get started.”

“If I defile with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine-the gentle sin is this- my lips, two blushing worshipers, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.”, I say.

My vampire and dragon side are gagging inside my he

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