I watch as he walks away but then I notice Faye isn’t here anymore so I look around and I see Cam but I don’t want him, so Zaff takes initiative and links her- ⁑"What’s wrong?", she asks.⁑

⁑"Kevin, wants to know where you’re at.", I say.⁑


⁑"Isn’t Cam there?", she asks.⁑

⁑"He is but…", I say while trailing off.⁑

⁑"I’m heading towards our math class.", she answers.⁑

I make my way towards her scent with Cam a few feet behind me with his mate; continuing on my way I hear a girl named Maple talking. “So, why does Kevin want you and not me? I’m much hotter than you?” Well, that’s harsh, but I say nothing while Mapl

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