Jayden opens his fat mouth to say, “Whatever you two are planning, please don’t do it while you’re in front of me.” Of course, I respond with, “Maybe you shouldn’t stand there.” Valentina covers his mouth before he had to to make a rebuttal just as the rapist and the sluts come. I can feel Alina getting antsy when I decide to talk to her, hoping she would calm down so no one would notice, ⁑“Alina, you need to calm down.”, I say softly.⁑

She just grunts and mumbles, ⁑“Why? He gets away with hurting us because what?”⁑

⁑“You know why we’re letting him get away with it. He’s stronger than us put together- I don’t know about you but I’m not about to rise our friends' lives for that asshole.”, snapping while walking slowly.⁑

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