Waking up to an empty room, I quickly sit up and look around when I see the note. Reading it, I relax so I get up and see if anyone needs anything but probably not so I head to the kitchen to see food being already made so I grab a plate and quickly put everything on it. Sitting down, I watch as the children sitting outside depressed; as I was about to see what was wrong a link from a through.

⁑ "Everyone get ready to go to the beach!", Faye says.⁑

⁑ "Are you sure that's a good idea?", Jay asks.⁑

⁑ "Yes! I've already got everything under control with the help of Queen Kiren; so no more arguing and just get ready!", She answers him.⁑

Watching the children come running into the house to get ready for the beach was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen from children ⁑ "Alright, portal is up. All you need to do is walk through.", Queen Kiren tells everyone.⁑

Running back to Faye’s room, I change and gr
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