Once he stops, I link Valentina since there’s still a few things I want to know about and just talk as well. ⁑ “Hey, I know I could just ask you out in the open but I really don’t need my mate worrying about it.”, I tell her.⁑

⁑ “What do you need me to do?”, she asks.⁑

⁑ “I want to put somethings into my daughter’s name, if that’s alright with you?”, I say.

⁑ “Got no problem with that; besides wanting to put money in her name what else?”, she asks.⁑

⁑ “I was thinking about the cabin, no one uses that cabin because it does deeper than what someone wants to go.”, I explained to her.⁑

⁑ “You mean the one that’s well hidden and if you

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