⁑ “Everyone to your stations!”, Jay says in the pack link.⁑

I began helping Queen Kiren and her people get set up when I sensed that Kevin, so I glanced over to him and nodded; once everyone was settled into their stations, we waited for them to come into sight. Kevin wishes me luck. We hear a roar, and that’s when we see them coming out of the forest. Diving into action, I knock a couple of dragons and vampires out as the sirens keep the fires and the air-born dragons to a minimum. I moved deeper into the forest when I was suddenly pulled back, before I could make a sound, they covered my mouth. Looking up, I see my father so I link him, ⁑ “Dad, what was that about?”⁑

⁑ “Sorry sweetie but there were a few enemies and I didn’t want you too badly injured.”, he tells me.⁑

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